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Why Won’t My Drill Go Through Concrete?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Pat yourself on the back for trying — and know that it’s not you. It’s the concrete ( most of the time, anyways ) . Concrete is very dense, very hard, and at the end of the day … just very annoying. Not many people like to work with it, and it’s for that reason alone. So kudos to you for trying to drill through it …. and you may have spent several minutes trying and trying and trying … you are a true champion for giving that your best try. Let me tell ya some things I have figured out ….

So first of all, your drill – bit can run into certain obstacles that can even mess up its form and shape, all in all … so please do be soooo careful with that. A messed – up sort of drill – bit usually has to be replaced ( and can’t be repaired, usually ) . Some of those obstacles mentioned could be, for example, certain ( embedded … which are the worst …. uckkkk ) aggregate stones. And if your drill – bits do not get totally damaged from trying to drill through the concrete here, then at the very least, they will get de – formed ( like I said ) … or dulled. When they’re dulled, they have to be re – sharpened, and that takes time, skill, and YouTube videos ( to learn this, he haheha hasha hahs aha h …. and see others doing that ) .

Plus, you get dragging on the drill – bit. And that is never fun either. Take what I say at face – value ….

Now, then, what you need is a strong hammer – drill for this intense kind of job, one that is known well to the public and sells much. ( See the number of sales it has online, how many people rank it well, etc ) …. the hammer – drill BEATS the basic, everyday rotary – drill in so many ways. If I had to put it like this, so you can better understand it, the rotary – drill is an ordinary citizen on the streets of Gotham City. And the hammer – drill is FRICKIN’ BATMAN ( get what I mean? ) …. and BATMAN is loaded with skills, money, tools and all else ….

The hammer - drill can rotate as it PULVERIZES ( literally ) the concrete in its path. It’s no joke here. I am being serious. IT ROCKS!

The rotation itself, slowly and surely, sometimes, makes that perfect hole … over time. And you can keep rotating to make the cement hole get bigger and bigger … simple as that ….

You can usually get a cord – less or a corded hammer – drill. Pick one. They also all usually come in two modes, which are ‘drill - only’ mode ( or some name similar to that ) and ‘simultaneous drill’ mode.