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How Do You Hook Up An Air Compressor To A Sprinkler System?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Well, well, well, did you think I’d get to this? I will today, ha ha haha ha haa hahah … good topic of discussion for this time ….

Now, then …. you start off by getting to know the specific sprinkler system ( from top – to – bottom, I mean, literally ) … and no, I am not joking ….

You basically need to know where all of its parts and components sit. This is of the biggest importance of all, especially if you’re working with older irrigation. It may be hard to see or note where all the pieces come together, and which does what ( which is labeled for what, too, and which is actually A vs B, etc ) . It is super important. Know the full rotation and components … enough said on that …

Because once you know your full sprinkler – system and have taken the time to ensure it is all in order, working fine, and well – updated, too ( very important as well ) , you will then be able to more easily find ( heck, even with such a simplicity and a rapidity, in many cases ) where the control panel lies, for one. The control panel on that system is the key to everything. It is essentially what “controls” ( hence, “control panel” ) the whole ding – a – ling, he he heh eh ehehe heehh. It is like the master – board ( or mother – board, for a laptop ) switch, in a sense. You could really say that.

Now then, found it? Turn off the water to it. Next, find your sprinkler’s main – line medium short ( since you know this all so well now, and have taken the time to master / memorize your sprinkler – system, finding this next part will be easy, too, right? I hope you took my advice and took some time to study your sprinklers, top – to – bottom ) … short riser. Using a blow – out adapter can help you here. Keep it nearby.

Next, be sure to close your compressor’s total air – flow. Close the valve, I mean. Then the air will stop flowing and you should check that it is indeed. Now, after doing this, be sure to then connect your compressor hose’s tip to the blow – out adapter. Open your sprinkler zone next, manually, and then close your back – flow valve.

Open the air – compressor’s valve, next, but slowly and gently … do not go fast – paced. Watch your pressure gauge just to check that it does not rise past 80 – psi right away. Open any other control – panel sprinkler zones as needed and be sure to then let your water blow – out from each of the sprinklers.

I hope this has helped. You are now a basic expert on this. Easy enough, no? Thanks for visiting!