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Why Does My Electric Drill Keeps Stopping?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Why Does My Electric Drill Keeps Stopping?

Let us wake up and smell the coffee, on this topic, in a sense — there can really be nothing quite as aggravating or aggressively annoying as an electric – drill that keeps stopping in the middle of its job. Right? I know I am not the only one who has “been there”, friend. Am I? Nope … most certainly not. And on the topic of today, I would like to dedicate this page to that. So please show your support by reading what I have to share below …. and many thanks ….

So first of all, we will start off with plain and undeniable fact that if the drill does not spin ( or basically stops ) , then it will not work. It needs to, in other words, spin to work. Spinning is its job. It gets the power moving and does what it needs to when it spins fully, uninterruptedly and without making any sudden halts or stalls. Makes sense, right?

Well, then, on that note, when the chuck comes loose, the drill will refuse to keep spinning …. plain and simple ( in the plainest and simplest words I can put it, he he he he heh ) . Also, when the drill’s internal components get messed up ( cracked, damaged, jammed, etc ) , this will make the drill stop, too. Keep that in mind as well, no less. And on this note, you will want to look at all your components, starting with your gear case, your spindle and knobs, and any other gears. Heck, you should even not fail to take a gander at your transmission and chuck as well. See if anything looks out of the ordinary or beyond worn out … it’s usually one of two things that needs to happen —- either you need to repair / adjust, or you need to replace, a certain part of the drill. And an expert can make that call. Hire a pro if you can ….

Now, then, you should also take notice of this next fact here —- that the problem can either be the drill bit or the drill itself which is not spinning … take a close look for yourself. Which of the two is it? If you fail to tighten the chuck properly, for one, this can cause the drill bit itself to not spin the way that it should ; it’s one of the most common problems here, in fact, and one that is the easiest to fix, as well … just adjust and tighten as needed. But if the drill itself is what keeps stopping constantly, then you might have a bigger problem here —- which can be any of the internals being damaged and needing replacing. In this case, hire a pro, like I said, who can give you a good quote on a potential repair …