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Metabo Vs Metabo HPT - Differences

Metabo and Metabo HPT are two brands commonly confused with each other. Both brands have a wide arsenal of tools. They aim to revolutionize the power tool industry with their new ideas.

Metabo and Metabo HPT have been in the industry for a long time, and as they have similar names, people often mix them up.

Metabo Vs Metabo HPT - Differences

Here in this article, we will understand a little about both the brands to know the key differences between them. So without any further ado, let us dive into the details.

Metabo Vs. Metabo HPT Comparison Table

Specs Metabo Metabo HPT
Year of establishment 1923 1948, Renamed in 2018 to Metabo HPT
Main Industry Metal trade with integrated solutions, Machines & Power tools, Battery pack technology, Cordless Construction Site Electric power tool and coal machinery manufacturer, Multi-battery support tool system
Unique invention CAS (Cordless Alliance System) MultiVolt System
Warranty 1-year limited warranty, 3-year extended warranty 30-day satisfaction guarantee, 30-day, 90-day, 1-year, 2-year, 5-year warranty options

Metabo: An Overview

The brand came into existence in 1923 when Albrecht Schnizler created the first hand-held drill. The name of the brand comes from the word “metal drill”. In 2002, the brand brought a new category of cordless screwdrivers with their exclusive PowerGrip technology.

Over time, they made advancements in their techniques and incorporated new and innovative technologies in their pool. Today, Metabo is an excellent power tool and accessories manufacturer. They deal in air-compressed and mains-powered solutions and are leaders in battery pack technology.

The brand holds 700+ patents and property rights. Besides this, they have spread the roots of their brand throughout the whole world.

Metabo HPT: An Overview

In 1948 Hitachi Kiki came into existence as an electric power tools and cola mining machinery manufacturer. With time, they started their export operations of power tools to the US. In 1980, Hitachi Power Tools USA came into existence. In 1995, the brand was renamed Hitachi Koki USA Limited. This marked the addition of the manufacturing of power tools to the company.

In 2007, the company acquired Nikko Tanaka Engineering and started offering Tanaka outdoor power equipment in the North American region. In 2016, the company acquired Metabo Aktiengesellschaft, also known as Metabo.

In 2017, KKR, a leading global investment firm, partnered with Hitachi Koki Co., Ltd., then renamed Koki Holdings Co., Ltd. Seeing a bright future in the domain, the company renamed itself Metabo HPT in 2018 for the North American region.

With vast experience in manufacturing electric power tools, they aim to leverage potential in the domain and bring innovative cordless power tools to professionals.

Metabo Expertise

Metabo’s vision is to create a cordless construction site that gives the utmost independence to professionals. The brand created the world’s first battery pack with ultra M technology and 4.0 Ah to take the first step in fulfilling its idea. The event gave a new dimension to the cordless power tool domain.

In 2015, they developed LiHD, another significant milestone in battery pack technology. They advanced the technology and created new battery packs that could give maximum power for a more extended period.

Cordless Alliance System

The brand launched CAS (Cordless Alliance System), a revolutionary battery pack system that combines tools and machines of different manufacturers.

In 2020, it introduced a double-row battery pack with high power and endurance. Currently, the system features 300 different tools with 100% compatibility in the 18V class. Professionals can combine tools, battery packs, and chargers from other manufacturers without facing any issues.

Metabo has expertise in the metal trade. It offers a vast pool of machines and integrated solutions in drilling, screwdriver, cutting, grinding, and sawing domains.


Metabo offers one-year warranty on all products starting from the date of purchase. It covers all the defects in the manufacturing process and the material of the product.

The brand also offers an extended warranty of 3 years for the products that are purchased after January 2004. The warranty will start from the date of the purchase of the product. You have to register the product with the brand within the first four weeks of the purchase. Click here to register your product online yourself.

If your tool or machine is partially or entirely dismantled, then the warranty will not cover it. Click here to get all the details that are excluded from the warranty.

Metabo HPT Expertise

Metabo HPT has solid experience in developing innovative electric power tools. The brand focuses on bringing powerful tools that can offer maximum output for a longer period of time. No doubt the brand name changed, but the professional can expect the same feel, experience, performance, and warranties in the tools.

The brand deals in excellent electric saws, impacts, drills, hammers, drivers, and more.

MultiVolt System

Metabo HPT introduced an innovative MultiVolt system in 2018. It revolutionized the usage of battery packs with electric power tools. Professionals can use the 18V and 36V tools with cross-platform battery packs.

The system features an extensive line of 18V and 36 V tools that run on the same MultiVolt system. Professionals can use either an 18V battery pack or a 36V battery pack to run the tool. On top of this, the 36V class comes with an AC adapter to power the devices. It saves and elongates the life of the battery pack.


There are several warranties offered by Metabo HPT. All the power tools under the brand come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the power tool, then you can return it within the first 30 days of the purchase and get a full refund. Make sure that you return the product with all the accessories and the entire retail packaging to get a refund.

On top of this, the brand offers 30-day, 90-day, 1-year, 2-year, and 5-year limited warranties for different products. Click here to get all the details on these warranties.

Final Verdict

Metabo and Metabo HPT are popular brands because of their tools and technologies. There may be some similar industries in which they deal, but they follow a completely different approach.

Metabo aims to go completely cordless with a cross-manufacturer battery pack design. Metabo HPT has its line of tools with a MultiVolt system.

Go through the article to understand the basic difference between the companies and widen your horizon. Both companies deal in superlative products with cutting-edge technology.

The decision to buy a tool from a particular brand depends on your personal choice, budget, and availability.