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Best Air Compressor For Jeep

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

The Gobege 12V Portable Air Compressor is your gift from God when it comes to a solid, heaven – sent air – compressor that does good work with your Jeep. In fact, it is the BEST one I ever used on our 3 Jeeps, if that alone tells you anything. So in terms of performance ( maybe not price, though, he he he he hehe he heh ) , I think it is the BEST Jeep air – compressor there is. Let me tell ya some facts on it. Maybe that’ll help you come to agreement that this is the best one around, as well, for any Jeep ….

Now first of all, I would simply like to share this with you fine folks —- the compressor is $ 160 new … nothing pricy at all. Anyone can dish out $ 160 ( don’t even finance it, unless your credit is really, really messed up, in any case, of which it can mess it up more if you don’t make the payments on time … so avoid if you can ) . This can inflate the tires of just about any kind of Jeep, bigger or smaller. So that I really do like!

And if you want to know the overall noise – level it gives off ( in case you want some peace and quiet in your garage, or the street, or wherever else you may need to find yourself inflating, at the moment, he hehe heh ehe he he heh eh he heh eheh ) , that would be a mere 70 decibels. 70 dcb … that is all. Smooth and quiet, for sure ….

And in terms of the actual voltage – power, it works at 12 volts. Yes, 12 – V, baby! That is not bad at all. Plus, you get an auto – thermal kind of quick – shutoff, too, with it, so that it cuts off when it is about to over – heat ( and thus, does not over – heat to begin with … niiiiccceeee ) . As for the max working pressure, at the end of the day — can ya guess what that is? Guessed 150 – psi? Well, if ya did, you’re right on the money!

If you have a 35 – inch tire, for instance ( you know, one of those bigger ones ya might see on those Jeeps today? ) , then this bad – boy product ( he he heh eh ehe heh he he he ehhe he hee heh ) can kick some ass by inflating it all the way to 38 – psi in just under 5 minutes ( even if it’s at 0 – psi, when you start things off, ha haha hah ah ahah ah aha hah ha hah ) … I kid you not, guys. I love it ; I love it ; I love it!

It has helped my Jeeps much. I hope it can help your Jeeps as well.