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What Can I Substitute For Air Compressor Oil?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Did you know that there are generally 3 main kinds of alternatives you can use? You might not have even known that, and that’s fine. That’s why I’m here. I want to talk on what you didn’t know ….

Now, then, first thing’s first —- I want you to pay attention to the simple fact …. that non – detergent motor oil is your first alternative option. Did you know about this oil at all? Did you know it’s in existence?

If not, then you are in for a wild treat —- look up this kind of oil and learn every single little stinkin’ thing you can about it, because it’s awesome. And yes, it is a substitute when you need it. Now here is how the whole thing works, in a nut – shell ….

First of all, with this specific kind of oil replacement / alternative, you ought to indeed keep in mind that it MUST be labeled “non - detergent” ( otherwise it could destroy your sump pump itself … no bueno ) . Consider the oil viscosity here ( or your air – compressor’s allowable intake, for instance ) … and all oils and intakes are different. Also keep in mind that of SAE 30 or SAE 20 oil, which is usually the best for this type of product ( air – compressor ) . This kind of non – detergent oil will not only get you good lubrication but can also stop over – heating issues and is not too expensive at all … it is usually cheap and easy to apply, too. A big winner, here, in my book ….

Next, we have the 2nd alternative option, which is none other than hydraulic oil. Try to go with something basic and universal, of course, here. This kind of oil gives you good cooling, solid lubrication, protection against corrosion ( or even a little rust, in any case, he he he he heh … it is powerful at its job in fighting this, I will say, he heh ) and much more. Plus, you can also pick up a bottle or container of it in just about any kind of automotive ( or even hardware, like Ace or the Home Depot ) store that you walk into in this country. It’s super easy to find ( heck, even the auto aisles in Walmarts / Targets might have it ) .

Last but not least, you have ATF ( aka automatic transmission fluid, you silly goose, he he heh ) . And this kind of substitute option is great for stopping over – heating and corrosion, too, in addition to being also super convenient to use and easy to find. So it’s another easy winner! Just keep in mind that using it can void your manufacturer’s warranty, in most cases … a very small setback or downside ….

I hope that this has helped you!