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Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Air Compressor

The right tools are necessary to complete any work at your home, garage, or office. When you don’t have the right tools, things take too much time or don’t get done at all. Tools matter, whether you’re renewing suspension parts or replacing spark plugs.

One machine that every professional needs is a cordless air compressor. An air compressor is required for pneumatic tools to supply compressed air to the associated device. An air compressor does precisely what its name implies: it draws air from the environment, boosts its pressure, and then transfers it via a tube.

One brand that mastered the art of making such air compressors is Milwaukee. The company has leveled up with its latest invention, the M18 cordless compressor.

But is the new M18 compressor any good? What benefits does it offer to users? Read on to discover the specifications and features of the new Milwaukee compressor model.

All About Milwaukee M18 Fuel Air Compressor

Milwaukee is the industry leader in terms of creativity in the power tool industry. They don’t hesitate to spend money on cutting-edge equipment and technology.

Milwaukee is attempting to eliminate the air hose in the nailer section and the power cable in the compressor segment. In contrast, other manufacturers simply work to eliminate the cable on nailers.

And although cordless nailers are pretty standard, many contractors still own and prefer pneumatic equipment. Therefore, Milwaukee designed a compressor for tradespeople who still need pneumatic equipment but don’t want to be restricted by having to manage electrical lines.

They announced the Milwaukee M18 Fuel compressor and brought about a new change in the industry. The brushless motor that powers the Milwaukee portable compressor provides extraordinary performance and longer machine life.

The compressor’s exceptional quietness while operating is what sets it apart. Get this: the compressor only generates 68 dBA, which is very quiet and corresponds to the conversation volume.

The compressor provides 1.2 SCFM At 90 psi, ideal for finish nailers and brad nailing. Since Milwaukee built this system with an oil-free pump, it requires less maintenance.




How Does The Milwaukee M18 Fuel Cordless Air Compressor Stand Out?


The noise level and the absence of the power cable are two characteristics that set this compressor apart. If you focus on those two characteristics, the compressor excels and fulfills all requirements.

The M18 Fuel Cordless Air Compressor is quiet, and the finishing or brad nailer has excellent runtimes. Therefore, Milwaukee hit a home run in that regard. However, there are additional factors you’d want to consider, such as power and usability.

First off, moving this compressor is quite easy and doesn’t strain your back, thanks to the carrying handle. When you take up this compressor, unlike other compressors where the weight is further away from your body, and you have to struggle to lift it, it is near to your body weight.

Second, the compact and low design is fantastic since it allows you to lie in your rear seat or under a truck cover without getting in the way.

There is really no way that it could be more simple to use. Simply press the sizable sealed button on the front to turn it on. There should be no leaning over to attempt to flick a switch.

Second, it’s simple to set the regulator you want. Some people would prefer a precise gauge to see the PSI precisely, but with the sort of dial Milwaukee chose, it’s easy to determine where you should set the PSI.


For $349, you can get this cordless compressor from Amazon. There are numerous reasons why you may believe this compressor is pricey, given that it’s an essential tool.

Although you can purchase other compressors for between $130 and $250, the Milwaukee allows you flexibility, something most other compressors cannot. Yes, other silent compressors are available, but the Milwaukee compressor gives you the mobility to walk about while still using your pneumatic nailer.

It is convenient to just position your compressor in the middle of the space and begin installing trim. Then get up and enter the next room. There is no need to search for electricity or pull a cable. Therefore, this product provides a terrific value that justifies the high price.


How the pressure is controlled is one aspect that sets this compressor apart from others. Usually, you would set your pressure with a dial. You would see a transparent glass with a needle while placing your stress to know where you put it. They may, however, be a bit picky at times.

Milwaukee abandoned this method in favor of a dial set. You need just set the dial to the appropriate pressure to be ready. There is no need to fiddle about or attempt to shift the standard up and down. Simply said, this is a set-and-forget method.

The tried-and-true needle mechanism is still used for tank pressure. You may like the contrast between the white number and the dark backdrop.

Final Thoughts

Owning a compressor is excellent if you renovate or repair frequently. The Milwaukee M18 is the latest addition to the brand’s inventory. Given the benefits that the new machine offers you, it would be the perfect tool to have in your home!