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How Do I Know If My Ryobi Battery Is Defective?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

This is a great topic that I can’t seem to get into as much I’d like, so I hope to write on it more and more and more. I know I have briefly covered this topic from different angles, across a few other blog posts. But in this one, I would like to cover it once more, and perhaps add some things ( and even re – emphasize certain points once more ) I did not before. I would like to increase your knowledge on the matter as much as is possible, so let’s talk again on this and see some further facts ….

Now first of all, if you notice that your Ryobi battery has been sitting in a garage, room, storage space, etc that is extremely hot or extremely cold, for instance, you can almost ALWAYS tell that it’s going to be defective. So if you are having a light bulb moment right now ( where the imaginary light bulb on your head turns on, and you realize what you have just done, he he he he heh ) , then I will give you a couple minutes to stop reading this, run to your basement, garage, etc ( or wherever you are keeping the battery at, he he he he heh ) and MOVE IT IMMEDIATELY to somewhere that is within ideal room temperature ( nothing too crazy hot, nor the opposite, either, he heh ) .

Now, assuming you have done so, and now come back to this blog page, sat down and prepared to continue reading, buckle in. You are in for a good read …. now, let’s continue …

So, you will want to keep in mind the pure fact that if your battery lies somewhere within 41 degrees F ( Fahrenheit ) and 113 degrees F, you should generally be just fine. Keep in mind this range, give or take a bit, is just for Ryobi batteries. Other types of batteries can vary or work within slightly varied ranges altogether. Do remember that, my friend.

And also, if it’s been TOO LONG in that extreme temperature room or storage area, then there’s likely permanent damage. And it IS defective, in this case.

Now, then, when you use up the battery but it doesn’t quite fully – discharge ( or die, as some like to say ) , then what you might find happening is that it drifts off into la la land … yes, I do mean ‘sleep mode’, he he he he heh.

And when that happens to be the issue, then you know for sure that it’s NOT defective ( whew … sigh of relief ) but just sleeping. Give it some small charges ( as I’ve talked about before, aka “mini - charges” to take it out of sleep mode … see my blog on resetting the Ryobi battery for more on this ) .