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Can You Pressure Wash Windows?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

You can surely pressure – wash your windows, as long as you don’t use the most intense settings on your pressure – washer. And here, I want to talk some more. Maybe by the end of reading this page, you will come out as a basic expert on the subject – matter. Now, would that not be swell? He he he he heh … I might even give you a certificate and all …. joking aside, let’s talk some more ….

Now first of all, if you happen to have vinyl window frames on your home or business ( which, you will actually find, are both the cheapest materials around and also the most common windows … some places even having 20+ year – old vinyl windows altogether ) , then a light pressure – wash should be no problem, all in all. If those windows are also made out of something else, like aluminum, for instance ( a more rare case … you remember those very drafty, harder – to – open metal – like windows that you would see in abandoned factories and such? Those are these …. ) , then pressure – washing should not be a problem here, either.

If you have wood – framed windows that you are trying to pressure – wash, on the other hand, then you might need to pay extra special, close attention here. Wood, of course, gets moist and eventually rots ( especially if its saps, or takes in, too much moisture from water and such … this corrodes it over time, and you will notice the rotting lying underneath, when you remove the frames themselves … a truly horrific sight to behold, according to my wife, he he heh he heh ) . You will have to take a careful gander at the glazing that you see between the glass and your window frame … is it nice and solid? In other words, is it well – intact?

Check the caulking surrounding your window’s frame, especially at the points in which it makes contact with the siding. Is it solid and in good condition, or can some water seep in and penetrate that area? Very important to consider. Also, check your window’s overall weather – stripping for the same issues. Have a good look at everything, and double – check it one more time ( in case you notice something you missed on the first check, he he he he heh ) .

A black, low – pressure, 40 – degree nozzle is perfect for most windows. Now that you’ve checked things and are ready to wash, wash away. Keep yourself about four feet away from the window, as a general rule, when you wash. And make sure to also go from top to bottom, washing from up to down. Start at the top base of the window and gently, slowly, but firmly make your way down the window.

I hope this has helped you. Please share it!