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Best Portable Air Compressor For Travel

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

After all, what is worse than going on a trip ( business, personal, or anything else, mind you ) than simply forgetting your tools, parts, products, etc? And if you work as a contractor, you might be used to using air – compressors a lot for work. And when you get flown out by your company, to a job – site in another state, for instance, you want to come prepared with everything you need. Perhaps you are remodeling an entire wing of a hotel, in just two weeks … or building and securing / inspecting a new restaurant building, from the ground up, in little steps. Or maybe you find yourself doing some other kind of remodel construction project ( or hell, even a personal hobby – task ) and you find that you need an air – compressor but FORGOT to pack it. Bummer …. like I said, nothing feels as bad, sometimes, as not being prepared … you feel butter – flies going to the pit of your stomach, friend? Nervous and annoyed? Well, don’t worry … we all make a mistake ….

Now, then, perhaps you decide to rent a car wherever you fly out to, on vacation, or such … and one of the tires on it busts. It goes super flat and you did NOT pack your portable air – compressor with ya. Or perhaps the hotel gets super noisy at night ( it’s right by the free – way and the people in the room next to yours are loud and blast their TV on at night ) … once again, a portable air – compressor can be the fix to this. You just turn it on and have it drown out the other sound around you ( or even make more relaxing sounds of its own, at a very – low frequency of decibels ) … but once again, you just did NOT remember ( or care, frankly ) to pack it into your carry – on. Now, you’re annoyed and frustrated.

Well, to let this NOT happen to you again, get a portable air – compressor for travel and always have it when ya fly ( or even drive, like road – trip style ) to another city / state / country destination. But which one’s the best of these? Well, it’s the VIAIR 450P – 45043 ( to me ) ….

I find it the best since it can even inflate rubber tires as big as ( get this, now …. don’t miss this …. ) 42 INCHES. YOW – ZAH! Those are some of the biggest I have ever seen, too. So this product is perfect.

Plus, it hits 69 decibels ( just perfect for noise … nice and cozy to listen to … not blasting – loud, he heh heheh eheheh eheh ) ….

The air – hose with it is 35 full feet. That’s nice and long. It’s ideal for most applications. So buy now!