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Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun

If there’s one tool that deserves a place in every craftsman’s toolbox, DIY enthusiast, and professional contractor, it’s a heat gun. It sounds like a heavy weapon, but in reality, it is simply a more powerful hairdryer.

Heat guns, also called hot air guns, play an important role in numerous projects ranging from home improvement to commercial manufacturing. Aviation, boating, and aerospace industries rely heavily on the use of heat guns.

For the ones looking for a new and sturdy heat gun, the Ryobi 18V One+ is a top choice. Wondering whether you should invest in this heat gun or if it suits your requirements? Keep reading to find out all about the Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun.

All About The Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun

Ryobi is continually improving on its cordless products, and the Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun is a testament to it. The heat gun offers the convenience and portability that only a battery-operated tool can offer, but it delivers the exceptional performance of a powerful electric one.

Here are the key features of the heat gun:


Weight: 1.4 lbs Airflow: 6 CFM Time taken to reach optimum temperature: 10 seconds Voltage: 18V Maximum Temperature: 875 degrees F


Concentrator nozzle delivers intense heat to specific parts Increased visibility with LED work light Deflector nozzles improve productivity Comes with 3 years of manufacturer warranty


Does not include a lock-on button

What Are The Key Aspects Of Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun?

The 18V lineup of Ryobi is exceptional and includes a series of tools now, including the One+ Heat Gun. Here are a few essential aspects about it that you must know:


The Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun has a basic design that includes standard on and off triggers along with a safety button that you can press to operate it. It also features an LED light at the base of the handle, which lightens the workspace, making it easier to operate it in dark spaces.

If you’re looking for high-end features like a lock-on button, multiple air speeds, or the option to control temperature, you might not find them in this heat gun.

The brand introduced the ergonomic handle to its first generation of brushless tools, but now it is available in all 18V cordless products as well. The handle has a textured overmold made of rubber, which improves grip and separates the ring and middle finger for added comfort.

Battery packs that come in Ryobi are flat and ensure it stands up much like their other cordless tools. Overall, the simple design of the heat gun makes it easier to use, even for novices.


The heat gun is basic and easy-to-use even for beginners. It comes with a few accessories like a concentrator and deflector nozzle that make it more accessible and certainly worth the value.

The concentrator nozzle, a step-down cone, can help direct all the heat to a specific area, while the deflector nozzle creates an arc shape that delivers heat to not only the front, but also the back as well as sides of an object and is best suited for heat shrinkable tubing.

Battery And Runtime

The Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun has the new Lithium+ HP 3.0 Ah battery. It gives you a run time of around 20 minutes if you pair it with 6 Ah batteries, but the fuel gauge bars can drop quickly with continuous use with 3 Ah batteries.

If your usage is extensive and you need to employ it for an extended period, you can use 4 Ah, 6 Ah, or 9 Ah batteries with the 18V Heat Gun for a better runtime.

How Is The Performance Of Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun?

If you have never used a heat gun or used a makeshift one using a hair dryer, you will be surprised by the exceptional performance of this tool. The Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun not only offers a higher temperature but is also quite fast.

Firstly, I used it to remove stubborn stickers from the glass at home, and it took only a few seconds to get it off without using the attachments that come with the tool. After that, I used it along with the concentrator nozzle, and it reduced the time in half and made the process much simpler.

When it came to heat shrink tubing using just the heat gun, it delivered good results. However, when I paired it up with the deflector nozzle that comes along with the heat gun, the time reduced significantly, and the task became easy.

Although the manufacturers claim that the Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun reaches the maximum temperature of 875 degrees Fahrenheit, I was not able to test the exact numbers. It took a little over 10 seconds to reach the temperature limit.

Since it is cordless, it reduces the hassle during work. The heat gun is also very lightweight and compact, ensuring you can maneuver it with ease. Overall, the performance of this heat gun has been satisfactory, and I have been using it for all the DIY as well as construction tasks.

Final Thoughts

Undoubtedly, a heat gun is a must-have tool, given its various benefits. However, whether you should get it or not depends entirely on your needs. If you’re planning to invest in one, you can consider the Ryobi 18V One+ Heat Gun.

The tool is a great addition to Ryobi’s range of cordless tools. It is a convenient way to thaw a pipe or lock or heat shrink wiring or tubing. Get your hands on it if you wish to make your work easier!