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Dewalt Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Compared to their gas or corded equivalents, cordless rechargeable hedge trimmers offer several advantages. Battery hedge trimmer types are lighter and quieter than petrol hedge trimmer designs, making them simple to use and maneuver.

With a cordless hedge trimmer, you can effortlessly access any size hedge in your landscape. One of the cordless trimmers that have been gaining popularity in recent times is the Dewalt Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer.

But what features does it come with? Does this trimmer deliver on its promises? Read on to discover the striking features of this cordless pole hedge trimmer by Dewalt and how it makes cutting shrubs a seamless job.

All About The Dewalt Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer

Dewalt is a reputed brand known for offering professional solutions like tools, accessories, and even services. Coming from such a big name, the cordless pole hedge trimmer is an ideal tool for landscaping and garden upkeep.

The gardening equipment has the spacing as well as the power to cut through branches of 1 inch. With the 180 degree rotating head and 7 positions, it helps you customize hedges at any angle, shape, and size.

What Features Does The Dewalt Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer Come With?

Here are a few features that make the Dewalt cordless pole hedge trimmer a top choice:

The Combination Of Motor And Blade

The model’s blade features hooked teeth made of hardened steel that were laser-cut for optimum precision and sharpness. Unfortunately, many customers have complained that the tool didn’t come with a blade guard, which may be dangerous considering how long and powerful the blade is.

Although it’s simple to obtain blade holsters for Dewalt hedge clippers online, if you purchase this trimmer and it doesn’t come with the accessory, the manufacturer may offer one for free.

It seems reasonable to wear a blade sheath while using a trimmer as a safety precaution. When carrying and moving the instrument, it’s simple to sustain injuries due to the blade’s many sharp teeth.

You may sharpen the blades if they get dull. You must hone them on the machine since it is difficult to remove the complete edge without dismantling the trimmer.

To get rid of plant matter obstructing the teeth’s ability to function, you must clean the blade lightly and regularly. Applying a thin layer of lubrication to the assembly after wiping the blade prevents rust and corrosion when the device is not in use.

This device does not have a brushless motor. This brushed motor generates more significant heat from friction and wears out or needs repairs more rapidly. Because of this, it works best when seldom used rather than repeatedly or while cutting dense, challenging foliage.


The rechargeable battery and charging port for this battery-operated tool are optional. People who already possess Dewalt products with the same cell as this trimmer may save money by purchasing the trimmer alone without the pack and charger.

Dewalt 20 volt MAX series tool owners will benefit from this bare tool choice since it is substantially less costly than purchasing the clipper with the battery combo.

When you press a button, a charge display light next to the battery container illuminates how much energy is still in the battery. This display helps track how long you have to work before recharging or replacing the cell.

When you remove lithium 5 Ah batteries from the charger, they continue to be charged for a considerable time. It takes around 1.15 hours to charge completely. This allows you to charge them beforehand and have them accessible when you require them.

Controls And Usability

When it comes to simplicity of use, Dewalt offers a variety of practical features that motivate novices or those with little experience with hedge trimmers to choose their products.

For instance, this hedge trimmer’s settings are easy to operate, and several consumers said the Dewalt gave them easy control even when using it with heavy gloves.

You may also lock the trigger with the simple thumb switch. While some users are now bothered by where the button is located, most users are happy with the trigger since it allows them to access the control regardless of how they hold it.

Finally, this device’s placement of the battery will make it simpler for users to monitor the battery’s state of charge while using it.

Weight and Dimensions

This cutter is 38.7 inches long, 9.4 inches wide, and 7.8 inches in width. Together with the trimmer, battery, adapter, and packaging materials, the bundle weighs 11.5 pounds. There are 7.5 pounds in the trimmer alone.

For home customers who require a trimmer for various sporadic garden cleaning tasks, this trimmer’s small size and light weight are perks you cannot ignore.


Dewalt provides a 3-year guarantee for repairs resulting from the poor manufacture of this item. Additionally, they offer a 90-day money-back promise enabling you to return the clipper for any explanation within this time frame if you are not happy with it.

Register the goods within a month after purchase and save the invoice for the best product warranty. Anyone who wishes to test out this clipper on their yard before investing will benefit from the 90-day money-back guarantee feature.

What Makes The Dewalt Cordless Pole Hedge Trimmer A Good Choice?

Dewalt trimmer comes with other accessories but does not come with a battery or charger. Dewalt 20 volt MAX series tool owners will benefit from this bare tool choice since it is substantially less costly than purchasing the clipper with the battery combo.

You also get 1-year free upkeep for the equipment to cover damage caused by frequent usage. The instrument includes a printed handbook with more specifics on the guarantee and other crucial information on care and upkeep.

This Dewalt trimmer’s battery type also gives the instrument continuous power up to the point of exhaustion. So that you don’t gradually lose control when cutting in the last minutes. When the battery pack is empty, the gadget unexpectedly cuts off.

Additionally, batteries with more outstanding amp-hour ratings—such as the 5 amp battery included with this tool—offer more extended performance and scalability than batteries with lower amp-hour rankings.

Anybody who wants a cutter available whenever required will benefit from the lengthy runtime and battery life in this gadget.

Final Thoughts

The points entailed above only talk of the significant features of the Dewalt cordless pole hedge trimmer. If you want to work on your garden for hours without worrying about the restrictions of the wire, then this trimmer is for you.