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Air Compressor How Big Do I Need

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Air Compressor How Big Do I Need

I’m passionate about any air – compressor store ( like Lowe’s, Home Depot and other places where you can get one, he he heh heh ) and its products! Been a customer for years. Would love to finally work for them and help sell great products to all who read. So please read …. especially if you have any interest in learning on some of this, and would like to possibly buy your very first air – compressor ….

Now first of all, guys, I would like to just start off by merely saying this : 135 psi happens to be the standard range – number in which most get graded at … yup, most air - compressors, of course, fall right at 135. You want to know the make, shape, size, capacity and so much else, when you’re thinking of this … and it’s your first time as a buyer. But for now ( at least, just on this blog page ) , we will focus mainly just on the size … aka how big does the air – compressor need to be? And heck, maybe some day ( and possible some day very, very soon in the near future, as fate usually likes to work things out, he he he he he he heh eh heh ) , I might write a blog page on the capacity, the shape, the make, etc … and why each of these matter. But for now, like I said ( and allow me to repeat myself like a broken record at a disco party, he he he he he heh heh ) , let’s just stick with focusing on the size itself ….

Now with all that said, I would like you to keep in mind just this —- before you put anything else in your mind —- the fact that you need to start out here by looking at your tools’ psi / cfm, respectively. Multiply that cfm, for instance, by about 1.5 and you will then find that you’ll have the ideal margin cfm that you need ( yes, for both safety and efficiency, I might add, when all has been said and done ) . Then, of course, find the right type of air – compressor that falls within that specific range and meets it adequately. I’ll give you an example here to give you a better idea of what exactly I mean here, my friend …..

Now, pretend that you own a gun for spray – painting ( heck, maybe you already do, in real life, he he he he heh … but just ‘pretend along’ with me here …. ) . Now, if that product’s listed requirement is, say, 5 cfm / 90 psi, then go with an air – compressor that’s made to offer 7.5 cfm/ 90 psi … makes some general sense, right? And 10-110 cfm is ideal for home – tool – powering compressors….