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Ryobi 18V One+ 45W Hybrid Soldering Station

Promising high performance and excellent ergonomics, Ryobi offers various tools for different domains. Ryobi 18V One+ 45W Soldering Station is one of the premium tools backed up by its advanced technology.

The tool is highly efficient and will help you complete the job smoothly. Here in this article, we will discuss the unique features that make the tool stand apart from the crowd. So, without further delay, let us dive into its features and specifications.

Quick Overview of Ryobi 18V One+ 45-Watt Hybrid Soldering Station

The Ryobi 18V One+ 45-Watt Hybrid Soldering Station comes with a corded iron that you can use for precision work. It is perfect for DIY projects, soldering fancy jewelry, and sensitive electronic appliances.

The sturdy station holds the iron in place and makes soldering much safer and convenient. You get two types of tips, some solder, and a sponge in the box. You can operate it directly with 120V input or an 18V battery. You can assemble the whole station in a jiffy without any professional help and get on with your project.


To avail of the warranty and get help, you must register the product with Ryobi. You can click here to register your product. To check all the details on the warranty, click here.

Let us now dive into the detailed review of the product.

In-depth Review: Features, Performance, Downsides

Prime Features

Ergonomic Design

The whole station and soldering iron have an ergonomic design. You can carry out all your precision work easily. From soldering intricate jewelry to sensitive electronics, you can accurately solder the joints and connections.

On Station Storage

You can keep the iron in the soldering coil to avoid damaging your surroundings and the iron’s tip. Moreover, you can keep them in their storage spaces on the station. You can also keep the sponge in the cavity to clean the tips effectively.

Two-types of Tips

You get two different types of tips that you can use for multi-purpose soldering. The fine tip is preferred for highly accurate soldering as it can be used from different angles.

The chisel tip comes into play when you need to solder wires, especially thick ones. It offers more heat than the pine point variant.

Energy saving mode

The tool has an energy-saving mode that lengthens its working time when operating on a battery. The energy-saving mode will automatically start once you put the iron into the soldering coil. Once you take it out, it will automatically shift to its normal functioning.

In energy-saving mode, the tool will stay on for 20 minutes. After that, it will automatically turn off the tool to preserve the battery life.

Full grounding ability

The tool comes with a ground loop that allows you to ground your wrist and the appliance on which you are soldering. This feature is quite beneficial when you are working with susceptible devices. With a complete grounding in play, you will not get any static discharge while working.


The soldering station has a temperature range of 400 degrees Fahrenheit to 900 degrees Fahrenheit. You can achieve the max temperature on the tip of the iron within 45 seconds.

The tool is highly user-friendly. Just connect it to a power source, set the right temperature, and you are all set for soldering. You can use the chisel tip for soldering thick wires quickly. The tool is perfect for any DIY project and will cater to your soldering needs adequately.


Poor storage cavities

The design of the sponge cavity makes it difficult to keep the sponge in place. Moreover, the storage space of the tips doesn’t have any grip that will keep them in place. If you move around with the tool frequently, the tips and sponge may fall out of their compartments.

Bulky size

The size of the tool makes it a little difficult to carry. If you are looking for something for quick repairs that you carry all the time in a bag or your vehicle, then this is not the go-to option.

How To Use Ryobi 18V One+ 45-Watt Hybrid Soldering Station Correctly?

The tool is relatively easy to use. Follow the below-mentioned steps to operate it properly.

Step-1: Power Supply

Connect the tool with a power supply or insert the battery in the battery cavity.

Step-2: Tip Assembly

Now insert the suitable tip into the iron. Make sure you tighten it properly by hand and place it in the soldering coil.

Step-3: Power-On

Now, power-on the tool by clicking the temperature dial on it. You will see a green light on the device. You can turn the dial to set the suitable temperature that you want. Once the tool reaches its set temperature, the LED light will turn red.

This is your cue to remove the soldering iron from the coil and start your soldering action.

Step-4 Power-Off

To turn it off, place the iron in the coil and click the temperature dial again. The led light will flash red and start blinking. Once the iron tip cools off, the led light will turn off. Now, it is safe to touch the iron tip with your hands. Now, you can store it anywhere you want.

Maintenance Tips

Here are some vital maintenance tips that will help protect your tool and elevate its life.

Final Verdict

Here is the detailed review of the Ryobi 18V One+ 45 Watt Hybrid Soldering Station. Go through the article to get familiar with its features, performance, and downsides. You will also understand the correct steps to use it and some essential maintenance tips.

The tool is perfect for precision work in your workstation. It comes with a wide temperature range and a user-friendly design. Analyze everything and purchase it only if it caters to your needs and fits your budget.