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Is It Good To Power Wash Your Roof?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

You should never even PRESSURE – WASH ( much less POWER – WASH ) your roof, my friend. Pressure – washing, though it is less intense and doesn’t use heated water ( like I talked about in my “What is the difference between a pressure - washer and a power - washer?” page, which you should please read as well ) , is STILL NOT ACCEPTABLE in terms of your sensitive roof. So don’t do either. DON’T PRESSURE – WASH THE ROOF, AND CERTAINLY DON’T POWER – WASH THE ROOF. And here and now, I will show you more as to why you should avoid it ….

Now let’s talk …

So first of all, let it make it very plain and clear that shooting any lingering sediments off the surface of your roof, by means of high – pressure jets, is not the best idea simply because the shingles are not made to take such intense water pressure or force. Sure, a bit of rain ( even heavy rain, which in most cases, would not be half as intense as the direct, heated force applied from a POWER – WASHER, he heh he heh heh … and I really hope you get this next point ) can fall on the shingles, and they can take it … no problem. They are made for that, but not for a power – wash. You will, no doubt, directly damage the adhesive bonding on the shingles —- aka that material that keeps them glued and attached to the surface base area of the roof itself … and then your shingles, once they become more and more loosened, can fall right off your roof … no joke. It has happened to several. Don’t let yourself be the next poor soul whom this happens to. I did just warn you, he he he heh ….

Now, then, you also ought to notice the fact that water can also seep and stick into the fabric underlayment of the roof itself, when you apply a direct, heated power – wash right onto that area. That is not good … nope, no bueno, as some say. In addition, did you know that the power – washer itself is practically known for blasting that targeted sediment straight up into the air? Indeed, and as a result of this happening, what you will find is that any dirt or debris scraped off the shingles both can and will … at some point, he he heh … fall right back down ( and onto some other part of the roof ) . So it would be like you’re just moving dirt or particles around and not truly cleaning.

Plus, it’s not safe to lift your power – washer all the way up a ladder and onto the roof. The roof, in addition, is not made to support its weight. So keep that in mind as well.

I hope this has taught you something.