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Best Air Compressor For General Everyday Use

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

If you’re going to the everyday job site, or even just have a project here and there that you wish to attack in your personal garage ( or why not find a hobby? ) , then an everyday compressor that you can use ( and my personal best one for this ) is right here, friends —- Amazon.com: DEWALT Pancake Air Compressor, 6 Gallon, 165 PSI (DWFP55126) : Tools & Home Improvement

They call it the one and only DEWALT Pancake Air - Compressor, and it is 6 - Gallon, 165 – psi capable ( the short name for it is the DWFP – 55126, he he he he heh ) . This product is so light and portable ( just 30 lbs, so just about anyone can lift it … it’s like lifting a small weight at your gym, he he he he heh ) . It makes it easy to move around from one job – site ( or one place in your house ) to another, to another … and then to another, once more. This also makes it such a popular one, and people buy it every week for different everyday needs, too ….

Not only that, but also, we have this —- the mere fact that it offers some of the quickest and most thorough tank draining around ; that is all thanks to its ball drain – valve, which is superb. And it can support two separate users, at the same time, too … it does so by its two universal couplers. Couple them up and you are good to go, as I like to say!

Plus, this oil – free product is great for a quiet work environment ( operating at just 78.5 - decibel noise levels, all in all ) . The console cover itself, that comes with it, is also worthy of some words of praise, and I will now get to that, he he he he heh heh heh ….

Indeed, that console cover is designed to well protect the controls ( and QUITE well, I might add ) from any damage or environmental exposure. It does its job. Let’s just say that. You can also pop it off very easily … did ya know? Yes, this fully – removable part lets you get in there and make easy repairs to your units. Just pull it off, repair or adjust what you need to, then pop it right back on. Easy, peazy, lemon squeezzzyyyy ….

And the pump is maintenance – free, too, offering a very long shelf – life. Countless users, not just myself, have said the same … what a good oil – free kind of pump. It looks nice, is durable, and does what it needs to without general complications or stalling.

So run to Amazon to get this product now. It’s just a click away! Get it when you can. You will be pleased beyond “pleased” ….