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Best Plasma Cutter For The Money

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

If money is a thing for you ( and I grew up rather poorly, myself, so I know the feeling … my parents were not made of money either , and I lived in a low – income city, but that’s another story ) , then don’t worry. There is always a solution around that … even when you need a good plastic – cutter without spending too much. Let’s have a look ….

Now, I would like you to meet this plasma – cutter and say hello —- 55Amp Non-Touch Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter - YesWelder

This is about as low as they cost, when it comes to good plasma – cutters. It is cheap : $ 459 is actually a deal ( since plasma – cutters, good ones, at least … cost you many hundreds more, most of the time ) . It does duo – voltage, which is nice, right at 110 V / 220 V. It’s got 4 – stars here. Good reviews …

Now, keep in mind it’s also just $ 46 / month, another good value for the money, upfront. You just pay it each month and eventually pay it all off … and it’s yours. Easy.

Now if you like getting down to a half – inch of a clean cut, then this is for you — it’s compact and gives you the most ( plus the best ) cuts for your money. One of the best plasma – cutting investments I ever made, in fact, was one this device. And I have purchased and tried different kinds ( as a side – hustle of mine, of course … and I love to try, buy, sell, and repeat … I have been able to try so many different products that way, hah aha hahah ah aah ahah ahah aha ahah ha hah … and I can talk about that sometime, perhaps ) ….

Now, you will want to note the fact that it works with mild steel to stainless – steel ( any kind of steel in between, too ) . Yes, it can cut up alloy steel pieces, or even copper and aluminum. It can do it all. And usually, a machine as good as this will start at $ 700 – 800 … but the fact that I could find it here for just $ 459 really makes it the best, all around, for the money ….

Did I mention that its max severance thickness goes at 15 / 32 inches at 110 volts as well as 3 / 4 inches at 220 volts? Wow! Plus, it’s a nice, calm color ( green – turquoise ) that looks nice against any wall, flooring, room, etc. This plasma – cutter can even add some color and calm to any garage … the turquoise – ish look of it pretty much makes it suitable to blend into any space … it looks nice just about anywhere. Try it.