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How Do You Cut A Miter Chop Saw?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

How Do You Cut A Miter Chop Saw?

This is a very good question to ask, my great readers, and now I hope to talk ( or write ) much with regards to that. So let us get started. Make sure to read on ahead for all the good facts ….

First of all, I would like you to just be mindful of this, friend : you will always want to start by putting in the power blade, carefully, of course ( not having your fingers standing at the tip of the blade, or you could cut yourself quite easily ) and also making sure to be wearing both safety gloves and safety glasses as you do so ( plus, a nice hard – hat would not hurt either, just to be extra safe ) . Some saws of this kind already have the blade in, which is handy. So it saves you a step.

After you have configured and put in / adjusted the blade to the right fit, the next thing you will want to do is to plug in your saw to the power supply ( any convenient wall outlet, of course, in which you stick in the cord and its head – socket ) . Then turn the machine on ( with the “on” or “power” button that you usually see on these ) . Some have a flip – switch – like on and off button, and some have something more simplistic. But either way, the power button should be found somewhere at the center of the saw, usually. Some also have an emergency shut – off feature that works alongside this same power button, too, which is ever – so handy …..

Now, then, I would like you to take simple notice of the fact that, in terms of the stock that you are going to cut, you are then going to need to both measure and mark a line across it. This is very important to remember and helps you both with having better visibility ( across the marked line, of course, and that area right around it, too ) and precision as you later cut. So don’t forget to do this step. It’s highly crucial, in other words. After this, you are going to need to put your board down right on that saw and make sure it’s flush against its fence, lying right on that base’s rear.

Be sure to then locate your handle’s miter gauge ( usually placed right at the saw’s front face ) and loosen it accordingly, depressing the lock’s handle while pivoting your cutting blade to the perfect angle ( the angle ideal for you, in other words ) . Re – tighten the handle and lower it, and re – adjust your wood board’s placement as needed. Then cut carefully and precisely, making those perfect cuts. Repeat as needed.

Thanks so much for reading this! I hope you’ll return. There’s more great content coming!