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Dewalt Cordless Pruning Chainsaw DCCS623

DeWalt is a well-known company offering exceptional hand and power tools. With vast experience on their side, the brand aims at raising the levels of performance, usability, and productivity of professionals through their innovative tools.

DeWalt Cordless Pruning Chainsaw Dccs623  is another power tool joining the vast arsenal. The tool is pretty lightweight and promotes single-handed operation. Even being a small and light chainsaw, it packs full power.

That’s just a sneak peek into the chainsaw. Let us dive into the details of its specifications and features. Also, we will tell you if this pruning chainsaw is perfect for your needs. 

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DeWalt Cordless Pruning Chainsaw Dccs623: An Overview 

The 20v Max 8-Inch Cordless Pruning Chainsaw   is a compact and lightweight tool that anyone can use to cut and trim trees, bushes, and branches. The device features a unique brushless motor that elevates the runtime and offers up to 70 cuts per single charge.

The compact design and light weight reduce the weight while performing any tool cutting, pruning, or trimming action. You can use the tool in tight spaces without any unnecessary hassle. Moreover, it comes with a reduced-kickback guide bar and a low-kickback chain to avoid sudden pinches. 

DeWalt Cordless Pruning Chainsaw Dccs623: Specification, Unique Features, And Pros & Cons


Noteworthy Features

Brushless Motor

The power tool packs a brushless motor that provides maximum runtime on its 20V battery pack. With no metal brushes in play, there is no loss of power due to friction. Moreover, you will experience relatively less noise on this chainsaw than the other options.

When working with 4 X 4-inch pressure-treated pine, the DeWalt pruning chainsaw will be able to give 70 cuts in a single charge.

Ergonomic Design

The whole chainsaw has an ergonomic design. The handle consists of thin grooves that allow you to make a firm grip while using the tool. The design allows you to use the chainsaw with both hands. You can grip it either with your left or right hand.

If you are not comfortable with the single-hand operation, then you can use both hands to operate it. Put your dominant hand in the handle and your second one in the shield. 

Hand Shield

The chainsaw comes with a hand protector that protects your hands from wooden chips while pruning and trimming wood. Besides this, you can use it to carry the tool anywhere you want.

Compact & Lightweight Tool

The tool only weighs 4.6 pounds, promoting single-handed operation while performing different actions. The lightweight and compact design gives you the freedom to carry the chainsaw anywhere. Moreover, you can use it in tight spaces to cut the branches easily.

Safety Switch

You cannot operate the chainsaw until you press the safety switch present in the front of the handle. The safety switch prevents accidental ignition of the chainsaw so that it does not damage itself, your hand, or the surroundings.

The location of the switch on the tool promotes the single-hand operation of the chainsaw. You can press the switch with your thumb and then press the power button with your fingers to operate the device.

Overload Safety

In case you add high pressure while operating the tool, the chainsaw will shut off automatically to protect the motor. You can resume normal functioning by cycling off the tool and pressing the power button again.

Besides this, the battery pack comes with an Electronic Protection System, which prevents any damage due to deep discharge, overheating, or overloading.

Tip Guard

You get a steel tip guard in the front of the chain and bar assembly. It protects the tool and its surroundings from any accidental damage. Whether you tilt the power chainsaw at an uneven angle or perform upcuts, the guard will protect the tool and the surroundings.

Auto-Oiling Ability

The chainsaw comes with an auto-oiling facility that lubricates the chain assembly regularly. The oil tank is located on the side of the chainsaw. You should never use a dry chain on your chainsaw. So, always fill the reservoir entirely before using the power tool.

The color of the oil tank allows you to check the oil level in the reservoir by seeing from the outside.

Blade Guard

You get a blade guard with the power tool. You can use it to protect the bar and chain assembly while carrying or storing it. The protector also houses a unique wrench to operate the chain tensioning screw and bar lock nut.

Chain Tensioning Screw & Bar Lock Nut

The chainsaw comes with a tensioning screw to alter the chain’s tension. You get a unique wrench to operate it. Besides this, you can use the wrench to open the bar lock nut and remove the chips from the chain and bar assembly.


The tool comes with a 90-day satisfaction guarantee, 1-year free service, and a 3-year limited warranty. Click here to go through all the terms and conditions of the warranty period.

Pros & Cons



Is It Worth Investing In DeWalt Cordless Pruning Chainsaw Dccs623?

DeWalt has reduced the weight and size of the pruning chainsaw to improve its productivity, mobility, and efficiency. The brushless motor further increases the runtime and allows you to make up to 70 cuts on a single charge.

The cordless operation removes the hassle of tangling the wires so that you can trim, prune and cut wood properly. The tool has several safety features that allow you to operate smoothly. Moreover, they avoid any sudden kickback in the tool. Go through the whole article, analyze all the elements, and make a wise decision before investing your money in it.