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Which Type Of Air Compressor Is The Quietest?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

This is a great choice of a question to come up with, my friend —- and I talked on it briefly in “How many decibels is a quiet Air - compressor?” ( go read that one, too, when you can, ha ha ha ha hah ) . And in it, I mentioned that a type of air – compressor like this one is the quietest around : EMAX 7.5HP 80 gal. Industrial 2 Stage V4 Pressure Lubricated Pump Single Phase 31CFM @ 100 PSI SILENT Air Compressor, ES07V080V1 at Tractor Supply Co.

And I still stand by that …. but let’s have another look at it, since I didn’t get to talk all about it as much as I could have, now …. stick around with me here ….

Now first of all, this is a vertical air – compressor that is known to be able to do around 70,000 hours of commercial, full – force work, which I really like. That is plenty of service, at the end of the day, if you ask me …. you should be able to use it, use it, use it, and then use it again some more …. over and over and over again ….

It offers one of the biggest output shafts that I have seen in my life ( especially compared to a couple of other air – compressors I had before I owned this one ) : 1-3/8 inches. That is quite big, if you think about it. And you get a ball valve tank drain that is manually – controlled ( also contributing to the noise – reduction, at the end of the day, I might add here ) . This product has been shown publicly and even featured across ads / web links and landing pages and more. It’s known to be 35 percent or more quieter than most similar products of this type, which in itself says a whole lot. It works with a 50 – amperage breaker best.

The max psi it gives you is 175 … not bad. It’s also got a Whisper100 ( I kid you not …. cross my pinky and swear on it … that is really what they call it …. and it’s literally as soft and quiet as a whisper, he he he he heh, in some settings ) air – intake sort of system that is very low – key and keeps a low ( or quiet, in other words, he he he he heh ) profile of its own. Indeed, it is super quiet, super efficient, and super modern, all at the same time. It can even get hard – wired to its very own circuit in just seconds ( and it won’t make a ton of noise in the process, either, he he he he heh ) .

You have to get a very specific, unique electric circuit to go along with it, though. Just keep that in mind.