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Do Air Compressors Need Ventilation?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

You need to have plenty of inlet air, when you use a compressor in any room … let’s start there. You need a very sufficient source of it, in other words. Now let me talk some more ….

So you want, ideally, to also have louvers/dampers that can open and shut on their own, accordingly, based on the room’s changing temp. And they ought to be able to be controlled by thermostat. That’s what many modern homes and business residences have, these days, and it’s only the best. These work properly with the air – compressors installed to ensure that such air – compressors have the right inlet – to – outlet ( and vice versa, too, many times ) ventilation. This prevents drafting, over – heating, warped seals in your windows and so much else.

Just think about it —- recirculating duct work is so vital to this whole process as well, helping you keep that proper amount of ventilation needed around your air – compressor areas. Did you know most air – compressors tend to let off a whole lot of heat? And I am talking like 2550 BTU/HP …. that is a ton of hot air they produce in just seconds, when you think about it. As such, you need to find a way ( or a place ) for that heat to release, without affecting the ambience of the room and even your energy bills, right? And if it gets too hot right around the air – compressor itself, that heat will only start to build on itself and even wear down the compressor unit itself ( it can over – heat, for one, and even start malfunctioning or operating slower, under such heat stress …. products like these hate extreme temperatures, in many cases …. did ya know that? ) .

But if you duct that warm air to the outdoors, then that trapped heat will have somewhere to escape and be gone. It won’t re – circulate needlessly in that same room or space where your air – compressor lives. And then, everyone wins! That’s what you should want … the proper re – circulation and ventilation, all at once … and keep in mind that an exhaust fan might also not be a bad idea to have, especially when all is said and done, at the end of the day …. here’s a bit more on that ….

Now, having that extra bit of cooled air – flow coming into the room is always beneficial, especially when you have an ancillary piece of equipment ( in this case, an air – compressor ) that just so happens to producing and releasing hot air. Just make sure you place enough distance / space between the exhaust fan and the duct work ( so that they don’t over – lap, and hot, venting air doesn’t go straight towards the cool exhaust release area, which would be counter – productive ) . Thanks for reading!