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How To Make A Leaf Blower More Powerful

By : Your One & Only Leaf Blower Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Who is NOT all about making things more powerful and more effective, in this busy age, am I right? I know that I, for one, sure am, guys… and so this time, I wanted to talk to you on that. It’s because I feel you deserve the right to at least know how to be more effective when you blow your leaves this fall season, just as I did with mine last week. I want you to KNOW that it IS possible to make that leaf blower even more powerful than it currently is, though 9 times out of 10, you likely did not know that was possible. Well, I am here to surprise and amaze! So please read on, my friend…..

How To Make A Leaf Blower More Powerful

First of all, tighten, tighten, and tighten, and then tighten some more! Tighten what, you might ask? Any loose components, of course. And the more that you use the leaf blower, in general, the more you will come to find that there are several parts of it that gradually come a little more and more loose and you use them. This is normal, which is why it is so important to tighten from time to time. Tighten away….

Anything rattling up on you, like a loose bolt, nut or screw, needs to get tightened. Do not over – tighten, because that can cause a whole ‘nother mess of problems on its own later down the road. But just make sure that things are nice and secure as they ought to be.

You can also get an attachment to up the power a bit… yes, I do mean like an “add - on” for your leaf blower. Know what I’m talking about here? Keep reading….. For instance, you can get a very thin type of nozzle, if you want ( and they sell these in many places, just for cleaning harder spots like gutters and such ) .

TRY ALL THE SETTINGS. That’s the best thing you can do to really up the power. Play with your leaf blower in a way that you never have before, so that you can really ‘learn’ it and all that it has to offer. 9 times out of 10, most people have used their leaf blower the same way, leaving it only on the same setting, over and over and over again…. even forgetting, I think, that other settings exist. And by trying the different modes on your leaf blower, you may come to find that some offer more power in certain places than others do.

And in any case, read the user guide ( unless your dog ate it, he he heh ) . This will tell you how long to charge the leaf blower for maximum power when using it, where it can and can’t go, what types of add – ons you can get for it, and so much else.