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Ryobi Multi-Tool

Whether you’re in the renovation and construction industry or love DIY home tools, you probably have heard about Ryobi tools. They have produced top-class work tools for decades and have become the go-to choice for many veteran tool enthusiasts.

With the introduction of their brand-new Ryobi ONE+ 18V tool series, Ryobi has reached a new level of performance. Its brushless tools provide higher power with an adaptable on-demand power source, better battery life, and extended tool wear. But how does Ryobi do this? Dig in to find out!

All About Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless Multi-Tool

The 18V ONE+ HP Brushless series of devices from Ryobi redefines power and performance. With its aggressive 3.6° swinging angle and up to 30% quicker cutting rates, the Ryobi 18V ONE+ tool enables you to operate more effectively and efficiently.

Cutting through drywall, metal, timber, acrylic, laminate, and many other materials is possible with the adjustable speed dial, which may oscillate at up to 20,000 OPM, combined with the capacity to sand the minor details.

But its features extend beyond the power and flexibility of the tool. Here’s all you must know about the tool:




How Does The Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless Multi-Tool Perform?

The key factors that define the performance of the Ryobi 18V One+ HP Brushless Multi-Tool are:

Handle Style

Ryobi continues to use the up-angled handle from the previous generation, which has a disadvantage. When you’re slicing with the proper tool, it fits comfortably in your hand, thanks to improvements to overall comfort.

But when you have to hold it at a different vantage point, everything changes. I discovered that it is often more comfortable to select a new grip.

Battery And Charger

The fact that this tool is cordless takes me to another component about it that I adore: the battery and charger. To some, it may look like a big issue, but after using a variety of tool brands, one of the features that drew me to the ones I like was how simple they were to use.

It may be frustrating to have to fight with the battery charger after a long day of tasks. However, the Ryobi charger is convenient. I could slot the battery into place quickly and still have faith that it would begin charging, thanks to how the cell and charger are made.

There was no need to align it properly and run the danger of the charger’s battery not forming a reliable connection. I just threw it in, and it worked perfectly.

Speed-Adjusting Dial

Like other tools by Ryobi, this brushless tool has a speed control dial that you may use to adjust the speed. There is no longer a “0” setting since there is an on/off switch in place of a trigger with a shutter button. You will be grateful for the transition from a trigger to a toggle.

Blade Switches

The accessory update is another vital enhancement to this brushless tool. Moreover, you needed a hex key to replace blades and accessories on the previous model.

The Ryobi HP Brushless Multi-Tool offers a tool-free edge changing in place of that worn-out, outdated method. Simply raise the release, flip the metal stop bar, and slide it over.

The design does include a few oddities, however. You could exchange accessories with a rear hole without turning it over if you pushed out the stop bar a few millimeters further.

Switching to or from a sanding patch where it recedes might be tricky since the operation needs you to slide and pivot. The Ridgid design that only rotates from the center is a little more straightforward.

Using LEDs

Additionally, the Ryobi HP Oscillating Multi-Tool has a slightly brighter LED light to keep your workspace illuminated while you work. Even if there hasn’t been much progress since the previous multi-tool, we’re glad it’s here.

Value And Accessibility

You can buy Ryobi tools at Home Depot or from their official website. It costs $99 to get the primary device.

While you must purchase the battery and charger separately, you get a few extras. It includes a plunge cut cutter, flush cutting blade, sanding mat, and three sandpaper sheets. Additionally, you also get a 3-year warranty.

Ryobi 18V One+ Multi-Tool

The rechargeable Ryobi 18V One+ model is a fantastic illustration of a straightforward multi-tool with enough power to do various chores easily. Although it is small, lightweight, and simple to use, it is not entirely without flaws.

More significantly, the battery will suit a range of Ryobi power tools since it is a member of the Ryobi One+ line. This is fantastic since it means you won’t have to purchase hundreds of pricey battery packs to operate your equipment, but it also means you’ll need to make sure the battery is included or not in the package.

Read on and get to know the details of this tool and how it will benefit your work.




How Does The Ryobi 18V One+ Multi-Tool Perform?

Here’s all you must know about the performance of the Ryobi 18V One+ Multi-Tool:


The majority of Ryobi tools feel solidly constructed and substantial in hand. Their bodies have rubber and plastic covers to resist the occasional drop and beating they may endure while “on the job”.

This specific model has a pretty straightforward design and comes with an industry-standard fast change mechanism that enables the attachment of numerous additional heads. A bolt and plunger unit is at the tool’s top.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy, and while working, this securing bolt may come away, requiring you to reconnect the head and tighten it into position.

The disadvantage of other tools is that it restricts you to using just its branded accessories instead of the Ryobi, which can accommodate nearly any addition. This also applies to inexpensive eBay substitute sanding heads since the one that comes with the tool is not up to the mark.

Batteries And LEDs

Additional features from Ryobi include a six-position speed control dial for vibration control and a front-mounted LED light for illuminating dark areas and dirty surfaces.

The battery mechanism is also quite simple to use; it merely clicks into place with a comforting sound. You may take it out by simply depressing a few tabs and sliding the object the other way around.


Cutting and sawing through various materials is a breeze with the Ryobi 18V One+ Multi-Tool. It worked great when I used it to remove minor notches from a door frame before putting wider barrier strips in the kitchen.

Although replacements are reasonable, the provided cutting tool worked through a few more operations before the teeth got dull. For instance, a complete Ryobi five-piece tiling accessory set is economical, although you may obtain equivalent variations elsewhere online for far less money.

It is a practical item in the toolbox as a sander since it saves much time compared to sandpaper and a hardwood block. As a result, it creates a terrible mess since there is no possibility of adding a vacuum.

Vibration And Usage

The Ryobi multi-tool is essential, so it doesn’t take long to become used to it. The speed wheel, which ought to be set to its lowest output before beginning a project, is the sole item to be on the lookout for. The thing rattles very much when you crank up the volume to its maximum.

The equipment also emits a substantial quantity of high-pitched whining, with official statistics placing the sound pressure level at 90.5 dB. Therefore, don’t use it for long hours without covering your ears.

Even though it’s unlikely that you’ll use it for more than two hours, if you are especially sensitive to the noise, you should spend some money on a good set of earplugs. Additionally, a significant amount of the vibration is transmitted to the hands, making it very painful to use for prolonged periods.

Is The Ryobi Multi-Tool 18V Series Worth It?

The two tools presented by Ryobi are top models. They come packed with exceptional power and performance making them a good choice, for both professionals and amateurs. Moreover, they are perfect for construction or DIY home renovations.

The points given above detail the two tools offered by Ryobi. Before purchasing them, check the price on all the websites to get the best deal!