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Best Pressure Washer For Decks

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Best Pressure Washer For Decks

I like the Karcher K5 Electric Pressure Washer when it comes to the siding and deck ( see it right here when you get a minute : Amazon.com : Karcher K 5 Premium 2000 PSI 1.4 GPM Electric Power Induction Pressure Washer with Vario Power & Dirtblaster Spray Wands, Pressurized Hose Reel, & Adjustable Detergent Tank : Patio, Lawn & Garden ) . It’s the number one choice of many people. Yes, I am one of those people, in case you were curious, he he he he heh he heh … guilty as charged ….

Now, then, in this post, what I would like to start off in making mention of is this —- the very mere fact that this item starts at a good $251.73 on Amazon ( may be a little less, if you can apply a coupon, he he heh ) . That’s a great price. This is a top product that I, for one, would think would be selling more expensively. So consider this a good deal, my friend. Buy from there if you can ….

Also, I would like to just point out to you all the fact that it’s got one of the easiest – to – use detergent tanks of all such models. In fact, this tank built into it is my favorite one of all time …. I kid you not, guys. It’s easily – adjustable, can hold in the cleaning solution well ( not to mention release it well, too, he he he he he heh ) …. I would also like the fact that you get a quality – made, pressurized hose reel as part of the whole package, as well …. and how could I forget to mention that? Plus, it’s got that perfect ‘bumble - bee look’ overall, at the end of the day, a color and look that so many people like ( me included, he he he he heh ) . Indeed, this yellow – and – black pressure – washer kicks ass in any deck.

Did I also mention that it gets you 2000 Pounds per Square Inch ( for total pressure ) ? If I didn’t, then shame on me, he he he heh … a very important fact to not leave out. There is also the fact that its hose length is that same 25 feet as many others have, which several people have found is the “perfect ideal length” for such a product. 34.33”L x 13.07”W x 16.77”H, by the way, are the dimensions it covers. So yes, you can fit it in a garage most of the time, for storage … or you could even keep it outside on your deck ( or in the tool shed in your back – patio ) for easy storage and instant use.

I hope you liked reading on this. I hope you agreed. This model truly is the best pressure – washer for just about any deck.