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Best Drill Bits For Wood

Wood is fairly hard, so you can’t use any regular drill bit to make holes in it. Drilling on wood is a task you should do with precision in order to protect the surface from any damage. And to drill holes properly, you need the right drilling bits.

Unfortunately, choosing a drill bit for wood is daunting, especially if you are new to it. Therefore, I have selected the top bits to use on wooden surfaces and reviewed them in detail. 

Whether you are a carpenter, an electrician, or a DIY handyman, you’ll find the right drill bit for your needs. Read these best drill bits for wood reviews, skim through the buying guide, and choose the best ones suitable for your requirements.

Best Drill Bits for Wood: Reviewed by Experts 

After spending hours researching the best drill bits for wooden surfaces and speaking to several expert carpenters, I have selected these five bits. From personal to professional use, these bits are perfect for any kind of job.

ENERTWIST Drill Bit Set:  Best Overall 



Do you spend most of your time working with wood? You need a full-fledged drill bit set like ENERTWIST Drill Bit Set. There are 246 bits inside the box, and you can use them to work on various materials such as wood, plastic, and more. 

Made using a combination of high-speed steel and titanium, the bits are highly durable and can drill holes in any type of wood. There are different types of wooden bits inside the case, including spade drill bits, wood drill bits, arbor adapters for holes, and hole saw bits.

The Hex-type shank makes it convenient to screw the bit with the drill, and you can get the job done. One thing to note is that the bits can get heated if used continuously for drilling multiple holes. Lastly, the variable width flutes help eject the wood chips, making drilling holes easier. 



DEWALT DWA1181 21-Piece Twist Drill Bit Set:  Best for Hardwood 



If you want to drill deeper holes with maximum precision and without damaging the material, you can consider DEWALT DWA1181. These high-speed steel bits have a perfect spiral design to penetrate through thicker wooden logs. Also, the 135-degree cutting angle makes drilling effortless, and you can easily drill multiple holes on the go.

In addition, the 31-degree helix curtails over aggressiveness of the true parabolic flute, and you can drill deeper holes. DeWalt offers a durable case with these bits with the readings labeled below each bit.

The straight shank makes these drill bits versatile, and you can use them with almost any drilling machine, such as DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX* Cordless Drill. While penetrating the wooden surface, the bit ejects the chips making your job more convenient. 

Overall, if you need a smaller pack of bits for drilling on hardwood, softwood, PVC, and fiberglass, DEWALT DWA1181 is the best affordable option.



COMOWARE Spade Drill Bit Set: Best Flat Bits 



With flat bits, you can easily drill holes in wood and enlarge them as required, and the best bits for this task belong to the COMOWARE Spade Drill Bit Set. There are different-sized bits in the set, and you can use them to drill small and bigger holes.

The pointed tip on each bit lets you penetrate the wood easily to drill deeper holes. While the bit moves smoothly and tosses the chips out, some users expressed that they get stuck sometimes. However, you can effortlessly drill the hole by holding the drill in an upright position for reduced resistance.

The carbon steel construction enhances durability while making these bits suitable for hardwood. COMOWARE has mentioned the sizes of the bits, and you won’t get confused about which bit to use.

Lastly, the six spindles come in decent packing and are perfect for personal and professional drilling tasks.



IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set: Best for Drilling Pocket Holes 



Cutting pocket holes on soft and hardwood is daunting and needs a specialized drill bit like IRWIN Marples Forstner Bit Set. Inside the box, there are eight pieces for different drilling jobs. You can easily assemble the bit with the drill, thanks to the straight shank type. 

The high-quality material ensures enhanced drilling speed while it makes the drill last longer. Compared to traditional Forstner bits, these drill bits reduce the overall cutting time, and you can get the job done quickly.

The finish type is steel, making these drill bits resistant to heat and abrasion. You’ll love the durable carrying case by Irwin, and you can easily carry the bits without missing your important equipment.



INTOO Mini Drill Bit Set:  Best for High-speed Drilling 



If you want to drill holes quickly in soft and hardwood, you can choose the INTOO Mini Drill Bit Set. The 118-degree accurate point with a honed edge ensures faster cutting, and the bit doesn’t get stuck inside the wood.

Unlike other bits, these bits do not eject the wood chips. However, that’s not a major problem. Each bit features a titanium coating for improved endurance and resistance against wear, thus improving the lifespan. 

If you want to carry out general building tasks and need a set of drill bits for wood, the INTOO Mini Drill Bit Set will get the job done. However, these bits aren’t suitable for harder and rough materials.



Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Drill Bits for Wood 

There are different types of wood with varied thicknesses, and you need to choose a drill bit accordingly. Here are some factors you should consider when buying drill bits for wooden surfaces.

Types of Drill Bits 

There are different types of drill bits, and each type is suitable for different types of wood. Below I have listed some common drill bit types and the wooden surfaces they are ideal for.

Twist Bit

These are general-purpose bits suitable for drilling through wood, plastic, and steel. You can consider a twist bit for household drilling purposes.

Forstner Bit

Primarily used for intersecting hollows and creating even indentations with a flat-bottomed hole, these bits work well for drilling deeper holes.

Spade Bit

These bits are perfect for drilling wider holes and enlarging existing holes. The beveled design helps the bit eject wooden chips. You can use these bits for personal and professional use.

Hole Saw

The hole saw bits have a larger diameter and can drill through wood, ceramic, and metal. 


After choosing the type of bit, you need to consider the material it is made with. Generally, bits made using high-speed steel are suitable for drilling holes in wood and other materials with similar characteristics. 

All the drill bits reviewed in this article are durable and made using high-quality materials.


The coating protects the bits from rusting, heat, and abrasion. When choosing drill bits for wood, consider titanium, black oxide, and steel coating options. 


The size of the bit will affect the size of the holes you want to drill. Choosing a set with multiple drills for various drilling applications would be great.


Q: Which drill bits are best for using with wood?

A: For drilling on wood, you can use an auger, twist drill, countersink, Forstner, and hole saw bits. 

Q: What bit makes the cleanest hole in wood?

A: Forstner bits make the cleanest holes in wood, and you can use them for making holes of any size.

Q: How do you drill accurate holes in wood?

A: Drilling accurate holes in wood requires precision, and you can do it by using a leveling tool to keep the drill in place. Also, you can use tape on the bit to ensure you can drill a hole of the exact depth you need. 


For a complete set of drill bits that contains everything you need to drill through wood, you can choose ENERTWIST Drill Bit Set  https://www.amazon.com/Enertwist-246-Piece-Masonry-Drilling-DBA-246/dp/B07CX4TPG2/  . Also, I have reviewed several budget options for your general-purpose drilling needs.

Always secure the bit properly with the drill’s chuck and wear protective gear to safeguard yourself from the flying wood chips.

Got any questions regarding the best drill bits for wood? Drop your queries in the comments section, and I’ll get back to you at the earliest opportunity.