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Best Air Compressor For Blowing Out Water Lines

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

I would say the California Air Tools 10020C is the best one to blow out any water lines with. Here is why. I come to chat ….

Now, then, Efrain here has much to say, once more, so stick around ….

I would like to start off this piece by pointing out this — the very fact that this 10 – gallon capacity product is a one – of – a – kind one. Its control panel has millions of users happy … it’s so darn easy to get it working, and to play with it, and to get to know it, all in all. It gets you 2 horse – power, too, by the way, which is nice and solid. For output power, 2 – HP ( yeupppp … horse – power, he heh heh ) is still hard and strong enough to blow off multiple kinds of rough materials from off the surface of any water line, at the end of the day.

You can protect it with its thermal over – load protective settings as well …. sweeettt .

And to add to that, you can even be able to keep it for many years ( indeed, it is one of the longest – lasting kinds of air – compressors on the fleet / market, and can outlast many others out there … it’s made of durable steel, and that’s one reason why ) . The cooling system inside ( you bet there’s one, he he he he heh he heh … and how many air – compressors usually have one, hmm? Not many that I have known of … ) is of low – air – flow. It’s just perfect to help keep things cool and say “no” when it comes to a hazardous over – heat. No over – heating here … the makers already thought of that. And they planned a product like this one, so that it wouldn’t happen in the first place ….

Now, then, I would also like to point this next fact out with some gusto ( and excitement, too, he he he he heh ) — the pump is oil – free. The sound is also very low ( so no noisiness, thank God ) . You can also run the tank multiple times before having to think about going for a re – fill ( yup … 10 full gallons, like I said ) .

It’s a bit sturdier and heavier than many out there, but you can still roll it or wheel it out with a dolly or similar device. It weighs almost 83 lbs. It’s firm and powerful, though, made to withstand all kinds of rooms and hot / cold temperatures, too. It shoots off heat that it makes and it also cools itself down from such heat that thus surrounds it … could it get any better than that?

It’s a corded product. So find a wall outlet. Get it hooked up and ready to go!