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Kobalt White Tool Chest Combo ( also in black )

Kobalt deals with several power tools and storage systems. It is known for its quality and cost-effective tools. The brand offers a white tool chest combo to help professionals store their tools in a single place in an organized manner.

The Kobalt White Tool Chest Combo comes with ample storage. You get dedicated drawers to store your tools safely. The chest is durable and highly mobile. You can move it around with ease.

Kobalt White Tool Chest Combo

The storage system has many features that we will discuss later in the review. However, first, let us familiarize ourselves with the detailed specifications of the tool chest.

Specification Table

|Length|41 inches| |Depth|24.9 inches| |Height|63.4 inches| |Tool Chest Weight |302.7 pounds| |Maximum Weight Capacity |1200 pounds| |Number of caster wheels|Four 5-inch caster wheels with a locking mechanism| |Re-Key Technology |SmartKey| |Color|White| |Assembly Required |Partial| |Warranty|1-year limited warranty|

Kobalt White Tool Chest Combo: The Features

The tool chest allows you to safely store your hand tools and power drills under a single hood. It packs several features that make it a modular storage system.

Durable structure

The whole unit is built with steel, which elevates its strength and durability. You can store all your tools in it safely. It also provides high resistance against corrosion and normal wear and tear.

Ample storage

The storage system has several drawers and cabinets to store your hand and power tools safely. You get 12 different drawers of varying dimensions (length, width, and height), making it the perfect solution to organize all the tools in your arsenal quickly.

The tool chest features four chest drawers with dimensions 2 inches H X 17.5 Inches W and two with dimensions 6.7 Inches H X 17.5 inches W. Besides this, you get a cart with drawers of sizes 2 inches H X 36.6 inches W, 3 inches H X 36.6 inches W, 4 inches H X 36.6 inches W, 5.9 inches H X 36.6 inches W, and 9.8 inches H X 36.6 inches W.

Moreover, all the drawers and cabinets can hold 100 pounds of weight. You can store the larger tools in the lower drawers and organize hand tools like chisels, screwdrivers, and drill bits in the upper lower drawers.

Mesh Drawer Liners

You get mesh drawer liners in the drawers that protect the interiors and allow you to organize your tools properly. They are easy to clean and improve the overall life of all the drawers. Moreover, they dampen the noise effect while organizing your hand tools in the drawers.

Ergonomic handle design

You get recessed side handles on the chest lid to open and close it easily. You can make a firm grip while moving it. Besides this, you get an external push handle on the side of the chest that you can use to move the whole unit. It increases the maneuverability of the storage system.

The external push handle is long and wise enough to hold with both hands and push the unit around with ease.

Smartkey locking mechanism

One of the best things about the Kobalt white tool chest combo is that it comes with a SmartKey locking mechanism. You get a smart key that you can re-program to your house and garage locks. It eliminates the need for different keys for your tool chest, garage, and house.

You can use this key to lock all the places and keep everything safe. Here is a video link to go through all the easy steps to re-key the locks and use one smart key for everything.

Heavy-Duty casters

The lower unit of the chest comes with four heavy-duty wheels that raise the mobility of the whole unit. You can push it around on different types of terrain without any unnecessary hassle.

There are two locking/swivel wheels and two rigid wheels. You can lock the swivel wheels to keep the chest from moving and avoid sudden jerks and shakes.

How to lock and unlock the swivel caster wheels?

In-built power strip

The in-built power strip is another excellent feature that makes the tool chest a standalone storage solution for professionals. You get three power outlets in the power strip that you can use to charge your power tools.

Besides this, you get two USB ports in the strip, which further improves the functionality of the tool chest. You can charge your electronics and other accessories quickly. Moreover, the power strip is located on the upper chest close to the till. The placement allows you to safely place your electronics and power tools in the till while charging them.

Powder-coated tool chest

The whole unit comes with a rich 2-tone powder coating that elevates its resistance level against everyday wear and tear. Also, it prevents corrosion and protects the structure from damage caused by environmental elements.

Built-In grommets

The tool chest features inbuilt grommets in the upper till that allow you to use an electrical cord to charge your power tools and other accessories without any unnecessary hassle.

Soft-locking drawers with ball-bearing slides

All the drawers and cabinets in the Kobalt white tool chest combo come with a soft-locking mechanism. You will get no loud sound while closing them. Even if you push the drawer back into the chest, it will halt in the end and close slowly without making any harsh sound.

All the drawers and cabinets feature ball-bearing slides, making the opening and closing smooth. You don’t have to pull or push any drawer with power to open or close it. The ball-bearing slides make everything slide with ease, even if you have filled the drawer to its maximum weight limit.

Kobalt White Tool Chest Combo: Pros & Cons


Kobalt White Tool Chest Combo: Assembly Process

How To Assemble The Kobalt White Tool Chest Combo?

Final Verdict

Those were all the details on the Kobalt white tool chest combo. The unit is durable, mobile, and has ample storage space to incorporate all your hand and power tools.

Go through the detailed review and analyze the tool chest’s factors before investing your money in it. If you want details on the return policy, then click here to go through all the terms and conditions.