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What Is The Easiest Way To Cut Bricks?

What is the easiest way to cut bricks?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

What Is The Easiest Way To Cut Bricks?

You want a circular – saw but not just any, I would add … you want one perfectly fitted with the right masonry blade right on it. That will kick some butt and help you cut those bricks in style, at the end of the day. Hungry for some more knowledge on this? Then please stay here and just read below …. I will tell all I can, friend ….

Now, then, first of all, notice that you can cut both brick and mortar easily those way, making the cleanest of lines in the process, which is super convenient. The only down – side to this method, I would have to add, is the fact that you do get a lot of debris in the process …. so be prepared to wear a face mask, to protect your inhalation and intake, and be prepared to clean up the mess once it’s all said and done. You can also use an angle grinder or a reciprocating saw, too …

Yet with all this said and done, the manual way, for me, is the easiest and most fun way to do things, and to do it this way, you will need these following items ( get ready for a visit to Home Depot, he he he he he heh ) :

Some argue that the circular – saw and masonry blade approach is really the easiest way. Others contend for this manual approach instead. I, for one, like both. But I am going to talk about this manual approach as it seems to me to be the easier, and also more fun, way to cut these bricks …. yes, this is indeed my preferred approach ….

Now, then, here, you are going to need to drill some holes in each brick, cut the bricks out with a chisel, chip out your mortar carefully ( which helps free the brick from its place … and you can see countless YouTube on how to carefully tackle this step, of course … and precision and timing is everything here ) , remove each brick with your hands, and smoothen out each hole’s edges.

In a nut – shell, that is what the process will look like, give or take, each time. It’s simple, direct, and quick to do. You can even get it done in 20 minutes or less, if you know what you’re doing …