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Best Air Compressor For Filling Car Tires

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

I want you to look at this one today. I call it number one. It’s the car – tire – filling, BEST air – compressor around ( at least, to me, he he he he he he heh … and I have plenty of reasons for saying that, though ) —– Amazon.com: DEWALT 20V MAX* Cordless Tire Inflator, Tool Only (DCC020IB) : Everything Else

$130, 20 – volt power, 92 – decibels in sound … all battery – operated. Should I say some more? Well, I might as well ….

Now, then, you are talking about a product that is FULLY AT THE 5 – STAR MARK ( just see Amazon’s current collective rating … 5 stars PRECISELY, not 4.8 or 4.9, heh heh he heh eh eh heh ) after about 7,000 positive reviews. That speaks for itself.

Plus, it’s DEWALT. I mean, after all, who better can you trust for your garage products, right? You get to have automatic shutting – off, too ( like auto – shutoff, I mean ) , with this model. And not all can say the same. That’s amazing. Plus to add to that, a high – pressure mode ( for inflating ) is included as well. That high – pressure really kicks butt, and you can feel it at work right on the instant you start inflating. It’s superb.

You can even move this product around a whole lot, without having to walk ( such as when you go from tire to tire, to tire, to tire, just to inflate each tire one by one, he he he he he heh … just extend that cable and hose instead, and leave the unit in place without having to lift it up and carry it around, my friend ) . Its heavy – duty rubber feet help you with that. They look and feel so nice, too. This product, actually, as a whole, has a nice grip and aesthetic look to it, all in all … it’s yellow / black ( like a shiny little bumble – bee, he he he he heh ) ….

And when you want to talk about the threaded chuck on this product ( thanks for bringing that up, by the way … I knew that was your next question, he he he he heh ) , I’ll be right there with ya to talk about it. In fact, let’s do that next ….

So, on that note, it offers a very firm and secure ( NO LESS, friend, he heh ) connection to your inflation valve, which is nice to note as well. You also get plenty of ( very convenient ) extra storage room for, say, other onboard accessories. DEWALT has made sure of that! And if you’d like to buy any add – ons with it, you can go straight to DEWALT or keep looking on Amazon ( “suggested items similar to this one” sort of ‘clickable links’ pop up on right / left edges of screen ) .