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How To Hang Leaf Blower In Garage

By : Your One & Only Leaf Blower Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

How To Hang Leaf Blower In Garage

We, as humans, all have a proper way to hang and store things, to ensure their utmost safety and durability in our service… do we not? I mean, when you really stop and you just think about it, for a good, hard second, you can agree with that statement. After all, we have a certain “proper” way to hang our coats in the winter - rack, a way to hang our bikes in the garage or patio / balcony, a way to hang our hats in the closet…. and heck, even a way to hang our ceiling lights ( of the dangling kind, if you know what I am talking about ) . We as people like to hang ( and when we “hang” out with other people, we’re also “hanging”, he he he heh, when you think about it…. let that sink in for a sec ) …. we’re a “hanging generation”.

And when it comes to leaf blowers, why should it not be the same, right? There IS, as a matter of fact, a way to hang your leaf blower ( or several ways ) that’s ideal to you…. and to the life of the leaf blower, of course. So that’s what we’re going to look at. Start by knowing there ARE ways to hang the leaf blower in the garage, and you CAN do so. Now let me show you more…..

So first of all, I would like your attention to center on the very fact alone that investing in a product like this one here might be to your liking ( in case you don’t like building racks, hooks and all that or just don’t know how to or have the money to ) : Amazon.com : Hand Held Leaf Blower Hanger Wall Rack : Patio, Lawn & Garden


It’s less than your basic $25 solo lunch, he heh, and it comes already made for you. Just buy and hang. Easy, right? But if you would much more prefer the DIY ( meaning “DO IT YOURSELF” ) kind of way, then you can instead try installing some J – Hooks right up at the roof area of the garage… by where you store the main tools. You can just hang the leaf blower there at any time, grab it from there, and re – hang, without worrying about where in the garage you put it last time, he heh. It’ll be right there and ready for ya.

Make sure that, when you hang it using this method, you use the right size of J – hooks, which can vary in sizes sold. Your basic Ace Hardware or Lowe’s, for instance, ought to have a whole collection of various J – hook types that you can look at. Make sure it’s not too small or too big for the blower’s handle area to latch onto and stay in place. Try it out first.