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Best Drill Bits For Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is tough, and penetrating through it with a regular drill bit is not viable. Even if you try it, either the bit will break apart or the hole will be uneven, making your job even tougher. 

Since stainless steel is all around, buying specific drill bits makes sense. Whether you want to attach a new handle to your stainless-steel pan or drill a hole in a steel sink, these durable bits can do the job.

As these drill bits are a new phenomenon to you, I understand the dilemma you might be facing. Thus, I have selected and reviewed the best drill bits for stainless steel in this article to ease things up. Moreover, there’s a quick buying guide to educate you about selecting the right drill bits.

Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel: Reviewed and Compared 

As handymen, we should invest in versatile drill bits that work on various surfaces. Therefore, I have curated a list of drill bits that work on stainless steel and other metals with similar characteristics. 

Are you in a rush and just need the best drill bits for stainless steel? I highly recommend the COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set. This is a set of 15 bits for multiple applications, such as drilling on steel, wood, and other materials. Also, the Cobalt High-Speed Steel built makes the bits durable and strong for prolonged usage.

COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set:  Best Overall 



These drill bits from COMOWARE cover an abundance of applications and are perfect for tough jobs. Made using high-speed cobalt steel, the bit can easily penetrate through hard steel, creating an even hole of the exact size you want.

In addition, the 135-degree split point aids penetration and prevents the material from chipping off or breaking. Inside the box, you’ll find a bit of every size required to make the holes you want. 

Besides making these durable bits suitable for ultra hard materials like stainless steel, COMOWARE has designed them to work on wood, plastic, and cast iron as well. 

Lastly, carrying these bits is convenient, as the sleep case slides into your toolbox without occupying much space.



BOSCH CO14B 14 Pc. Cobalt M42 Drill Bit Set:   Best Heat-resistant Bits 



If you frequently drill on stainless steel, you need drill bits like BOSCH CO14B, which are highly heat resistant, and durable. Inside the box, there are 14 bits that you can use for various applications. 

Bosch has designed these bits to penetrate through even the thickest of steel sheets, thanks to the larger split point and surface-hardened tip. Also, the thick web helix design provided additional stability while making these bits suitable for tough applications.

The three-flat shank easily fits inside the drill and remains locked in place for added safety. Lastly, Bosch has made these bits with durable material, including 8% Cobalt alloy, to deliver 10X life than standard bits for metal.



Hurricane Store Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set:  Best for Professional Use 



Do you need a lot of bits of different sizes? This drill bit set from the Hurricane Store fits the bill. The durable bits come coated with titanium nitride for improved protection against heat and abrasion when drilling through steel. 

Besides stainless steel, these bits perform well on various materials, including wood, zinc, aluminum, and more. The 135-degree cutting angle adds precision while making it easier to penetrate through the object without increasing the force required to drill.

In addition, the plastic case lets you carry these best drill bits for steel tubing and other purposes conveniently while segregating them based on size. Whether you want to drill holes in knives or stainless-steel pans, these bits from the Hurricane Store can ease the job.



Irwin 3018002B 29Pc Drill Bit Industrial Set:  Best for Hard Metals 



If you are looking to drill on hard metals, there isn’t a better drill bit than the Irwin 3018002B. While it’s not the fastest drill bit that gets our nod, however, its performance makes it a considerable option.

The brad point design makes these bits perfect for both home repair and woodworking use. Talking about durability, the drill bits use an 8% cobalt blend for improved strength. The hard tip keeps the bit stable, and you can easily drill holes in steel, wood, plastic, and other materials.

Accessing the bits is easy, as they are properly stacked in a plastic case.  Irwin has mentioned the sizes of all bits, but the readings are difficult to read because of the small size. 

Whether thick stainless-steel sheets, knives, or frames, these drill bits can easily penetrate through the surface without getting damaged. Note that you might need to apply decent force when drilling with thicker bits.



Neiko 10193A Titanium Step Bits:  Best for Enlarging Holes 


Whether you want to drill holes in steel or enlarge existing holes, the Neiko 10193A Step Bits lets you do it easily. Made using high-speed steel, the bits are super durable, and the titanium coating enhances the bit life.

With this bit screwed on your drill, you can drill through stainless steel, aluminium, plastic, copper, and many other types of sheet metals. Furthermore, the two-flute spiral design ensures faster and smoother cutting without walking issues. 

The tri-flat shank keeps the bit from wobbling, and you can precisely drill holes in metals or other materials. Lastly, all the bits have engraved sizes, and you can easily identify the size you need for your drilling or engraving purposes.



Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Drill Bits for Stainless Steel 

Every drilling requirement is unique, and so are the drill bits. Therefore, you should choose a drill bit that suits your certain needs. Here are some factors to keep in mind when choosing these drill bits.


Stainless steel is a tough metal; those regular low-carbon bits won’t penetrate through the material. Choose a drill bit made using material such as high-speed steel or cobalt. Also, choose bits that belong to a popular brand to ensure they are durable enough to drill through stainless steel.


After the material, the coating should be your next consideration. The coating reduces friction and protects the bits from heat. Popular drill bits for stainless steel either have titanium or cobalt coating. You can also opt for drill bits with TiCN (Titanium Carbonitride) coating for drilling on hard metals.

Split Size 

The split point drill bits have a flatter point angle, usually around 135 degrees. This makes it easier to drill through hard metals such as aluminum and steel. The flatter the point is, the better it is for drilling with accuracy and stability.

Bit Size 

The choice of bit size depends on your specific requirements. Choose a drill bit set that has multiple bits of all sizes. I recommend the Hurricane Store Titanium Twist Drill Bit Set, which has 230 bits for various tasks.



Q: What’s the best way to drill through stainless steel?

A: The best way to drill through stainless steel is by using high-speed steel bits. Make sure the bits are TiN tipped for reduced friction.

Q: Is cobalt drill bit good for stainless steel?

A: Yes, these drills are suitable for drilling in stainless steel.

Q: Do you drill stainless steel fast or slow?

A: As per experts, you should use low speeds and high feed rates for drilling through stainless steel.

Final Thoughts 

You can easily penetrate thick metal sheets with the best drill bits for stainless steel. Also, these bits work well on other materials, so you can do a variety of drilling tasks with the same bits. 

Make sure to choose drill bits based on the factors listed in this article to ensure you can drill through steel as per your requirements. 

Let me know what you think is the best drill bit set for stainless steel!