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What Compressor Is Good For Sprinkler Blowout?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Let it put a smile on your face : a compressor that is great at sprinkler blow – outs. Once you find it, hopefully you start to smile ( and so do those you love, knowing that you own one, now, ha hah aha h ahahahahah ) … isn’t it time to start looking for one? Now, if you want my take on what one is good for that, have a look below ….

I actually have one I think is the best, in mind …. for when blowing – out those itty bitty ( or bigger, too, yeh yeh heyeh ) sprinklers ….

It’s this guy —- Amazon.com: BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor, Oil-Free, 6 Gallon, 150 PSI (BTFP02012) : Everything Else

They call it a pancake. Well, a pancake AIR – COMPRESSOR. Ha haha hah ahahaha hah. Makes you hungry when you hear the name? Well, what can I say? It is a cool, cool, cool name ( at least to me, I think, and just about anything can make me laugh and smile, though, he hahaha hahsh ash ash aha ha ) …..

Now, then, I would like to take you to look at it on the link ( but AFTER you read what I’ll say ) …..

So first of all, what could be better than a portable air – compressor that can move when you do? Nothing, I might say. Yes …. nothing better, in any way ….

Not only is this little guy portable, but he also just so happens to be 150 – psi – capable ( so a big woo – hooo to that, I say ) . And on top of that, he is just $ 131.80, a great price all – over ( many cost much more, while giving you not as many specs, so do note that, please … this deal’s a good one for this Bostitch – model product at the end of the day …. ) . You might also be able to note that it works at near – perfect operational noise – levels, too ( like 78.5 decibels … dcb ) . Plus there’s the fact that it looks like a super – hero with a cape ( no … not really … but I did keep you looking, ha hahahah ahaha ahah aha hahah aahah ) ….

But what I really mean by that would be this, no less — it’s elegant, and black – with – yellow ( like a super bumble – bee ) , and if it’s here to make your day better as you try to blow - out the sprinklers, or rescue your job site from an irrigation job that is more difficult to do without an air – compressor, then it is truly YOUR hero. Let it be. Let it swoop in and save you.

It weighs 29 lbs. That’s light. Lift it easily. Countless irrigation experts have praised it so many times!