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Best Air Compressor Oil Water Separator

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Want to know? Want to know? Yeah ya do! Now it’ll be this one — Air Compressor Water Separator, Heavy Duty Air Compressor Filter provides Clean Dry Air. Compressed Air Dryer with Drain Valve by LE LEMATEC - - Amazon.com

Now, then, It’s got almost 700 AMAZON’S CHOICE rankings, meaning it’s almost to 5 stars ( top – rating, of course …. most users said so themselves and helped it rank that high, at the end of the day … but of course, I am sure that there might be fake reviews, or paid – affiliate reviews here and there, which you will find everywhere … super – normal these days ) . But to see for yourself why this product really does deserve such high praise, let us have an up – close view of it …

Now, then, the first thing I want you to notice, when you take a look up – close, is the fact that it is silver – and – black right in the center, but its tips are shiny gold / brass – like. It is very appealing to the eye, I must start there. And it looks polished, shiny and smoother than ever. But of course, a nice aesthetic look is not everything that can make a product fine ….

You also have the price ( and I think, all in all, if for no other reason in this universe, it’s the PRICE alone that really sets this separator above the others … at least, to me … hope ya agree … ) . It’s $14.52 and with free returns ( free shipping, I might add, also … if you buy $25 total or have AMZ PRIME ) . For the make – up, composition and build, all in all, $14.52 is nothing to pay … since you get such high – quality material used to make this very – durable, long – lasting piece, at the end of the day. Now, it’s a perfect air – dryer with a sweet one – way valve, that ya get here. And it can operate with most psi ranges ranging from 2 – psi to even 150 – psi. Nice, eh? But I am not done ….

Next, you have the very fact alone that it can can filter out most contaminants with such ease ( and style, I would say, he hehehe heheheh hehhh heeh ) . That, it does by means of its 1 – micron, kick - butt filter element. It flushes out all that unwanted junk through its drain - valve in just seconds ( a special drain – valve, I might add, that is a push – button – to – operate one, he he heh ) ….

You might also like to see for yourselves that the design, overall ( and not just the look, he he he he heheh ) is heavy – duty YET compact ( as well ) … what a nice little touch. Isn’t that?