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Is it OK to pressure - wash a tile roof?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

I am so glad, my dear friends, that you are actually taking a quick sec to ask this question online ( and read it on my page ) before actually going out there and pressure – washing your tile roof … assuming that it is just perfectly ok to do so. I am going to tell you this ( hear me, please ) — it is so NOT ok to do that. Please do NOT. Efrain says, “refrain!” ….

Yes, refrain from doing that. Please. And here is why. Let us talk for a sec ….

Now first of all, you can ( and very likely will ) change the very composition of the color itself ( yes, the color of the tile on the roof, no kidding ) . This has happened to dozens of dozens of well – meaning home - owners, all in all … I am not kidding at all here, guys ( and you know how much I love to kid, he he he heh heh ) . Your roof tile, and its color, starts to only look duller and duller and duller, especially with after each clean. As a side – note, if you want an alternative way to clean the roof ( and its tiles, one by one ) , then have a look at this video. This is definitely a better option, and you will not have to worry about the color of the tile fading, over time, either —- Never Have a Dirty Tile Roof Again

Now, then, let me add this to the mix as well … here is yet another reason for why you should not ever pressure – wash your tile roof … doing so will etch the tile’s surface as well. Indeed, this is a proven fact. Many tile experts will agree with me on this one …. there is no doubt about that. When you have tile that has been etched, you are therefore inviting other problems to come onto the scene, such as deeper crevices creeping their way into the tile ( and as a result, certain forms of algae can even start to grow in those crevices … yuck, right? ) .

When you pressure – wash the tiles on the roof, you also risk loosening the water – proof flashings thereby ; and let’s face it —- 10 times out of 10 ( yes, I did say 10, this time, not 9 … he he heh ) , loose flashings let leaks occur … which you certainly do not want as well. These flashings let the water leak in, and then you find yourself with other kinds of problems ( potentially flooding, roofing or plumbing related altogether ) . You can also hurt the roof’s underlayment when you pressure – wash its tiles. This also can lead to leaks.

Good to know. And thanks for reading up on the subject first!