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Best Air Compressor For Granite Shop

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

The Best air - compressor for granite shops? Any shops? Your shop? Hmm … good query …

Let me share my mind for just a moment ….

Maybe it can prove helpful … maybe you will get some ideas, and maybe learn a couple things here ….

So let us get started right away ….

Now first of all, I would like to bring you to the very fact that, you own a granite – or wood – cutting establishment. Excellent. Good for you, friend. May the favor ( and the customers ) always be with you. We need more places and specialty businesses in America, that can do this ….

Now, then, I would like to take you to my next point, which is that granite shops definitely benefit from having an air – compressor. And each should own at least 1 or 2, I would add. Any time that you need to edge those ‘perfect finishes’ across any size of counter – tops, you can rest assured that the right kind of air – compressor can have your back … but which kind would be the right kind for your shop? Well, you might want to sit down and write down the following few facts, and then comb the web to find the model that has all these …..

Certified tank, draining, maintenance, QRS and noise, installation, replacement ease and cost, and more are everything. You want to basically assess a model that can meet all these needs. And you want something tri – voltage if you can get that ( it is pricy, though, but the best ) . Your granite shop ought to have the best, at the end of the day, right? You do not settle for less – than – the – best. Repeat after me : I …. WANT … THE …. BEST. THE BEST. THE BEST. THE BEST. THE BEST. THE BEST. THE BEST. THE BEST. Say this to yourself every morning in the mirror before you go to work and prepare to make some sales at the granite shop, he he he heh eh eh eh he he ….

And I will not steer you wrong ( my opinions only, of course ) ; the best is this —- EMAX ESP10V120V1 Silent Air Compressor, 10 HP, 120 Gal, Vertical, 175 PSI, 38 CFM, 208/230 (globalindustrial.com)

It gets up to 175 ( slightly over the ‘excellent’ range of 150, if you ask me, he heh eh eh he h eh ) psi. It can also work vertically ( basically like a vertical air – compressor, with all its functions and other little perks, ha hah ) . And as an official “Silent Air – Compressor”, it’s also smooth and quiet on the job. You can hear it as low as a whisper, which means it’s nice and quiet, all in all. You can work, eat, play, or heck, even sleep, right next to it.