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How To Clean Gutters With Leaf Blower

By : Your One & Only Leaf Blower Expert, Mr. Efrain E. Silva!

Here is my first tip on this, friends —- Make sure to watch lots and lots of online vids on the web to see how others clean the gutter with their leaf blower. It helps giving you a visual idea. This will help a bit, but my best tip is just ahead….

How To Clean Gutters With Leaf Blower

You are going to want to play around with nozzles, and what I mean is that your gutters are of a certain size and dimension as is your nozzle ( on the leaf blower ) . So you want to get the two to match, so to speak, or at the least be as ideally close to each other as possible. This ensures that you are able to put the blower head and nozzle as far in the gutter as you possibly can, thereby affecting as many leaves ( and maybe other debris or junk in there, too ) as you can. So play around with things until you get an optimum fit!

Put the blower nozzle in at an angle, and carefully, starting right where the down – spout area is and then slowly and surely working your way all the way out to the other parts. This, all in all, just helps to make sure that you don’t accidentally blow any dirt, leaves or other stuff into the down – spout itself ( which can, in many cases, clog it… can you believe that? ) . Also, allow me to back up for just a sec and tell you something else you ought to do before you get up there and start blowing away….

You are going to want to make sure that you tie something to your leaf blower, for extra control and safety, at the end of the day…. I do mean something like a simple cord or some decently firm rope, nothing too fancy. This is just something to help keep things secure. I would suggest that you look into tying it to the handle of the leaf blower itself and make that know pretty strong ( but not too strong, of course, that you later have a hard time un – tying things, he he eh heh ) .

And before you do that, if you can, go ahead and pull out that measuring tape you’ve got sitting in your garage. Because today is the special day that you will get to use it… yippeee. And what do I mean by that? I mean simply this : You are going to measure your gutters so as to cut the rope / cord to the exact measurements of the gutters’ overall height from the ground. Why? Simple enough. You cut a little extra to make it shorter, and if you ever drop the leaf blower, you can just pull it back up from the rope or cord ( no need to go back down the ladder to retrieve it ) .