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Best PSI - Pressure Washer For Concrete

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Best Psi Pressure Washer For Concrete

Howdy, folks… Efrain here once more, to tackle this tough topic ( as its specific answer can vary from user to user, opinion to opinion, etc ) …. now, then let’s talk about this : Which is the ‘best’ and would there be only one best? In brief the answer’s no , silly … many consider a different one to be their ‘best’, but the one I really like as mine would be none other than this one and only 4000 – psi one you can see right here : 4000PSI-Hot-Water-Key-Start-4GPM-132-Degree (allpressurewashers.com)

Water Cannon makes and ships it, and it kicks real butt, especially so on concrete, too. It works with commercial hot water and gets you the full 4.0 GPM with that lasted max psi, all in all …. so at the end of the day, you will know that you’re only getting the very best of the best. The oil drain features that come with it are super convenient and made with every user in mind ; it’s all easy to setup and adjust ( especially if you have that user’s guide, he he he he he heh ) …

Now when it comes down to the matter of having a solid plunger pump with this, rest assured that you also get the very best of the best, once more ( as I myself love to say all the time, he he he heh heh ) . It’s got a triplex – like one that is super durable and does its job with utmost precision, at the end of the day. Not bad, eh? The mesh water filter ( stainless steel, too …. just thought I’d point that out, he he he he he he heh ) is easily serviceable and inline. Figuring that part out should not be rocket science, either, another fact I really like ….

And if you’re wanting to get great Wayne burners that can engage a max BTU of 350,000, then you came to the right product once again ( yes, rest assured in that, my friend ) . You get an optionally – controlled thermostat built inside of it, too, which you can play around with as you like. The whole thing has a stainless steel, firm housing as well. Powder – coated, welded frames are a must as well, and here with this item, you most certainly will not be missing out on the best of that either. It’s got all that plus a pressure regulator that works so well when the water makes impact, and you can even adjust that pressure as you see best ( for instance, like when you switch the target material you’ll be hitting with the water, like going from wood to concrete or vice versa, etc ) .

Last but not least, you should certainly think of adding this product to your favorites and save up the $3,868.98… a price well worth what you get.