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What Size Compressor Do I Need For The Tornador?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

If you own a Tornador cleaning tool, then consider yourself one of the lucky ones out there … you certainly know your products. You picked such a fine one. That’s under – stating, but you get my point. Thanks for choosing the Tornador ( and no … I don’t sell it myself or anything … I am literally praising it out of the goodness of my heart, as this product has been such a helpful blessing from heaven in my home, so many stinkin’ times, he he he he he he heh ) …..

Now, then, I would have you know that you need 5.5 - 6.3 bar in terms of your air pressure, and it needs to stay constantly in that range, at the end of the day. So when you pick a compressor, find one that is suitable to that ; you will also need it to be able to stay within 78 – 91 psi. That is no less important to remember ( need a note pad? Just don’t forget … I’ll wait for you to grab a paper and writing utensil …. ) …

Now, assuming you’ve written that down somewhere, I’ll now proceed by telling you that you do not EVER want to go above 90 psi here … take my word. Now, for one, the California Air is a great compressor that works well with your Tornador, and it offers an 8 – gallon tank, too, which is just right, in my case. I have used it wonderfully and never seen a disappointing moment here, so to speak. It gets you 2.20 cfm at 90 psi and 3.10 cfm at 40 psi, respectively ; it’s truly the reason I wake up each day, hah ha ha ha hah … not really, but you know what I imply …. I love it beyond words ….

I would also like you to know that the 8 – gallon tank Campbell Hausfeld brand air – compressor is also a good size and make for your Tornador. It can hit 2.4 cfm at 90 psi, so not bad. Now in general, when trying to find the best size of air – compressor you need, you ought to give this formula a try ; it is known to get you down to the precise size you need and never fails —- 0.7 x 80 CFM = 56 CFM

Determine the psig pressure you need as well …. this can vary, per compressor. It’s usually going to be anywhere from 90 – 100 psig, what you need here, with the Tornador. Most air – tools, by the way, require something in that range as well.

Tank size can matter, too, when you’re picking the right compressor. A 10 – gallon tank is always ideal, as it’s nice and big and can hold lots. Keep all my thoughts in mind, here. I hope they help …. go out and buy!