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Do You Need An Air Compressor With A Plasma Cutter?

Author: E. Silva (aka ‘Awesome Man’ - The TRUEST Niche Specialty Expert)

Hi, folks! It’s me, Efrain. I’m back again. Let’s get to a talk on something …

Well, today I wanted to go ahead and cover this. You asked. Now, I talk ….

So, first of all, yes is my answer. Plain and simple to see. It is. The answer is yes, yes, yes! You DO need an air – compressor with just about any kind of plasma – cutter and plasma – cutter job, as a whole … there is just, plainly and simply ( and quite embarrassingly, too, he heh eh he he he heh eheh e h ) no other way to get around this. That’s just the luck of the draw, you might say. So if you spent any money at all on getting the plasma – cutter and its parts / materials, then you know now that you have to spend even more to get the air – compressor that works with it. Plain and simple, see? Save up money if you don’t have any ….

Now, then, as a matter of fact, to take this talking point even further, I would like to address this with you as well —- the very fact that being able to generate enough air – pressure for whatever job you are working on really is needed at all times …. more so, when you are doing plasma – cutting work. That’s just it, no ifs, ands, or butts. Now, you might also need to know the fact that some plasma – cutters have a sort of add – on ( like a built – in source of air, offered on the side, which is essential like an air – compressor itself, he heh eh he ehe heh eh he heheh ehe heh eh heh ) but if yours does not come with it ( and I think most don’t, to be frank, my friend ) , then you need to buy the air – compressor add – on yourself. Or just buy another type of air – compressor that can be compatible to it. And there are lots of kinds ( don’t even get me started on that …. but I wrote another page for that, ha ha hah hha ahah haa hha …. you should go check out my other author blogs here ) .

Now then ….

Next of all, I would like you to simply know the very fact that this all works like a two – stage method. The process takes two steps, in other words, when you cut with plasma – cutters. Metal gets heated by the arc, and then after that, this causes the cut to ensue ( by forced plasma blasts ) . Now, to get all of this done, you of course need the air – compressor to provide the air – pressure and force you might need. It’s not enough to use anything else, really. So I hope the question has been answered.