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What’S Non Detergent Oil?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Non – detergent oil has to do with a newer kind of oil that exists, these days, with motor engines. In fact, believe it or not, but the only kind of oil that used to exist in the past was detergent oil … true fact. And this non – detergent kind, apparently, came to be a thing later in the 1950s. Keep in mind that the mani – fold purposes for using non – detergent oil can vary …. it depends on what you need to do and what the specific focus will be ( and thus, you alone, can thereby determine whether it may be better to use detergent oil, or non – detergent oil, in each and every single case ) . Now let me say the rest ….

First of all, I would like to state the facts as they are ( I’m not a sugar – coater, but I tell the facts like they are, he he he he heh … which you probably know by now ) , starting with this —- most common non – detergent oil uses have more to do with gas – powered appliances like tractors, lawn – mowers, etc. Keep that in mind, and on this same note here, many 2 – stroke engine oils, as such, are very common non – detergent oils. People use them often, too. And these you can see often used in water – crafts ( Kawasaki jet – skis and many more ) and motor – cycles ( Harley Davidsons and other brands ) .

And when it comes down to the simple matter of the difference in ingredients here ( like, between detergent oils and non – detergent oils, I mean, he he heh ) , it all lies in this —- any oil that has detergents in it will include certain chemicals that can and do, as a matter of fact, trap certain particles ( all while dispersing certain additives inside the components of the motor, in turn ) that can help stop sludge from coagulating, rust from occurring, toxic acid from building up and even oil from oxidizing. But it can also have the opposite effect on all these, which makes it ever – so tricky ….

With non – detergent oils, you avoid these chemical ingredients altogether and therefore, some of the risks associated with them are gone, too. Easy enough? Simple to understand, eh?

Now, then, keep in mind also this next point of interest —- the fact that non – detergent oil’s always a clear type of oil ( and certainly far clearer and more visibly transparent than detergent oil, at the end of the day ) . It is also lighter, and less loaded, at least, with particles / chemicals. This lighter, clearer oil is pure, straight oil ( as some like to say ) . It is not darker or thicker, as detergent oils tends to be.

I hope you will further investigate non – detergent oil and consider it …