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How Good Is Dewalt Warranty?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

How Good Is Dewalt Warranty?

When compared with the competition, all around, DeWalt’s warranties are, as a matter of fact, not too shabby at all. They are very good, I will say. And here, I want to take a closer look at that, if I may …. stay with me now …..

First of all, I would like to bring this to the attention of anyone reading this page —- the very basic fact that DeWalt has been around since 1924. They need no intro. They’re a top brand around when it comes to home power tools and much more. You can find their products in any Home Depot, in any Lowe’s, in just about any Walmart or Target, or heck, even in most Ace Hardware stores or Murdoch’s as well. It’s a top brand that kicks butt ….

Now, their warranties are no less awesome, either. As a matter of fact, let me start by bringing this one to your attention for just a sec ( if I may ) —- the limited, basic 3 – year warranty. Now, this one, they offer with many kinds of products they service / sell. Most tools of theirs come with it automatically, upon purchase, and you get a free year of service in addition to your money back ( if unsatisfied ) within the first 30 days of the purchase. So basically, you have a month to try things out and see if they’re a fit for you, and if the product is just not a fit ( or not one you need at the moment ) , then no questions asked …. you return it and get the full refund. Plain and simple, right? Many people like the benefit of having this basic warranty, and it sure is a handy one to have in most basic power tools …. after all, you never know when you might need to return the product or swap it out for a more close fit ( for your project or home, etc. ) …

Now there is also this common warranty the company offers —- the one and only 7 – year LL ( or limited – liability, he he he he heh ) warranty, which takes things up a notch. Only certain more specific product offerings come with this warranty, as you can imagine, and it has the same 1 year of free service attached to it … not to mention a wider window for the return policy, at the end of the day. This extended grace period for returns, in this case, is actually 90 days. So yup … you get about a full 3 months to really test the waters here and take your time, seeing if this product or offering is something you truly need, before deciding to keep it or return it. Not bad at all …. many people I know certainly do appreciate having that full 90 days to decide.