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Dewalt Cordless Fan DCE512B

Job site sweat often drains energy and prevents you from giving your best shot at work. What if you had a source of powerful airflow to keep you cool and sweat-free at work? You could focus more on your work proficiency rather than dealing with sweat.

DeWalt has been a consistent brand in attending to this job site concern for quite a long time. After the success of DCE511B, it launched an upgraded version of its cordless fan series with the model DCE512B. It is the successor to the previous model.

Dewalt Cordless Fan DCE512B

With proper air circulation and drying applications, this fan enhances your comfort and performance quotient at the job site. You get to set the power and speed that comforts you without distraction.

Keeping these specs in mind, let’s dive deeper into a proper review of the potential of the DeWalt Cordless Fan DCE512B.

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Specifications Of DeWalt Cordless Fan DCE512B

Here are the specifications for the new DeWalt Cordless DCE512B Fan to get a better understanding of its handling and performance aspects:

Upgrades In DeWalt DCE512B Over Its Predecessor

As DeWalt now has two powerful job site fans in its inventory, it can be confusing for you to choose between the two without properly understanding the differentiation factors.

Therefore, to help give you a review of DeWalt DCE512B, it is essential to show you what more one can get in it than its predecessor, DCE511B.

The most notable upgrades include power upgrades. DCE512B upgrades the power efficiency and delivers up to 650 CFM of airflow, whereas the predecessor delivers the power of just up to 500 CFM.

The use of a powerful motor in the new model has made it a bit noisier than the previous one. But, it is still bearable because the better airflow compensates for the noise.

Special Features That Make The DeWalt DCE512B Fan Stand Out

The impeccable technology features of DeWalt DCE512B make it a hot-seller job site fan and surpass most of its competitors. They include:

Modern Innovation

Available with FLEXVOLT batteries that are adequate to power this job site fan and make it run for a longer time.

It is recommended that you use a DeWalt 5.0Ah battery, but you can still use the other batteries that you use with your other adaptable cordless power tools.

You also have the flexibility to lighten the workload by using POWER STACK batteries instead.

High Runtime

DeWalt claims that the DCE512B can run up to 4.5 hours when you set the airflow speed at maximum.

But, if you use it at the lowest speed setting, the 5.0Ah battery can last for a runtime of up to 7 hours.

Mount Options

When using the DeWalt fan at your job site, you don’t want it to obstruct your flexibility of work or restrict your movement around the site.

Therefore, the company has introduced a three-way mounting option for its products. You can make the fan free-stand on your work table, hang it to the hooks to give a down-side airflow, or mount it onto the walls.

Depending on your workplace surroundings, you can decide how you want to place your DeWalt fan.

Variable Speed Dial

DeWalt DCE512B comes with a three-speed variable speed dial feature. It allows you to set the airflow at a comfortable pace. With this fan, you can achieve an airflow speed of up to 650 CFM.

3-Blade Design

The 3-blade design in a portable fan ensures cooling comfort and optimal air delivery. Fewer blades ensure high-speed rotation, which ensures better air circulation.

The 3-blade design also balances the overall weight imposed on the motor. As a result, the motor needs less power to provide better air circulation. Therefore, it is a strategic inclusion by DeWalt to ensure soothing airflow without straining the motor.


DeWalt DCE512B is IP54 rated to ensure protection from dust and water. You cannot expect your job site to be free from dust, debris, and water contaminants.

Now, you don’t have to worry about where you place your job site fan, as the build quality is robust to resist water and dust and increase its longevity.

Light in Weight

The overall weight of this fan is 6 lbs, which makes it extremely portable. You can carry it to & fro from home to the office and vice versa.

But don’t let its lightweight nature fool you about its durability quotient. It has a moderate build and lasts longer with minimal care.

Pros & Cons Of DeWalt DCE512B

Before we end the review, let’s discuss some of this product’s positives and negatives.



Conclusion: Is DeWalt Cordless Fan DCE512B Worth It?

DeWalt was successful with its introduction of job site fans. The previous model lacked sufficient airflow to meet the desired cooling sensation. So, DeWalt introduced DCE512B with an improved air circulation and airflow capacity.

The airflow is concentrated with this fan, and the lightweight blade design puts less or no strain on the motor. As a result, the battery consumption reduces, and the runtime increases.

If you are a woodworker, work at a sawmill or have a duty at factories, this DeWalt product will help you beat the heat. Moreover, it will also prevent frequent sweating to ensure it won’t disturb your efficiency at work.