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Milwaukee M18 Grease Gun 2646-21CT

A dependable grease gun is a must if you operate equipment or deal with cars that need regular maintenance. These devices are designed to hold a standard grease container and inject its contents via a specific coupler straight into a machine’s connections.

Grease guns give vital lubrication that may assist sustain your mechanical parts, whether they are hand-powered or run on batteries.

One grease gun that has attracted a lot of attention in recent times is the Milwaukee M18. It has managed to make its way through construction sites and home garages.

But why are people buying this grease gun over the competitors? What added benefits does the Milwaukee M18 provide? Read on to discover the specifications of the new grease gun by Milwaukee, its usage, and its benefits.

All About Milwaukee M18 Grease Gun

A grease gun like the well-regarded Milwaukee grease gun is essential in the bustling auto workshop to do tasks quickly, precisely, and effectively. You may dispense precise quantities of grease with this two-speed gun’s pre-set grease counter and 10,000 PSI inlet pressure.

It boasts a handy stand-up style with a sling strap for transporting around a job site, factory, or farm. Moreover, it is driven by a lithium rechargeable battery for maximum efficiency. Here’s more about this grease gun:




How Does The Milwaukee M18 Grease Gun Perform?


The Milwaukee gun has two flow speeds of 3.5 ounces and 10 ounces per minute and generates an astounding 10,000 PSI (approximately 2,000–3,000 PSI more than most similar models and 2,000 PSI more than the Milwaukee M12 grease gun).

This makes the cordless grease gun the first to provide big equipment operators an appealing alternative, especially when combined with the capability to pre-set the quantity of grease to dispense.


Before purchasing a grease gun, you must know its hose length. If you are experienced with various lubricating equipment or power tools, you are probably aware that grease has to be put in multiple awkward corners and tight spots.

Applying it with your hands shouldn’t be a problem, but utilizing a big grease gun in a remote location is another story.

Grease guns thus include a flexible tube at the front to solve this problem. While most grease guns have an 18-inch hose length, some may have a larger 27-inch or even 42-inch hose for convenience of usage or access to your fittings.

Although Milwaukee has always been about specifics, the grease gun offers an extensive feature set. A few characteristics of this new instrument are just practical and acceptable for a tool of this kind. The hose is 12 inches longer than most other models on the market at 48 inches.

This implies that without worrying about where the bottom is, you will be capable of reaching farther to access that fitting. Additionally, dual spring guards encircle the hose’s two ends, offering a great deal of safety at the stress relief locations where the hose is most susceptible to kinking or breakage.


It also includes a built-in LED light, similar to the ones on Milwaukee M18 impact tools and cutters. This is advantageous since most locations where individuals apply oil are hidden from the sun.

A lock-on/lock-off trigger and an integrated plunger rod with indicators that indicate how much oil is still in the barrel help prevent unintentional serious mess-making. And speaking of the chamber, Milwaukee produces a transparent model if you’d want a visual representation of the stuff still there.

The Milwaukee multi-voltage charge controller, which works with M12 cells in conjunction with M18 batteries, is also included in this package.

Loading Approach

You may use whatever approach best fits your project with the 18 V grease gun since it has both a bulk loading mechanism and a cartridge-type loading method. This grease cannon offers you the strength to do the task swiftly and effectively with a ten fl oz volume per minute.

The ergonomic design of this grease gun’s pistol grip handle minimizes user discomfort even during prolonged operation. This Milwaukee grease gun is the best option for lubricating moving components and joints on machines, cars, or other equipment.

Is Milwaukee M18 Grease Gun 2646-21CT Worth It?

The Milwaukee M18 grease gun stands out as the preferred gun for most greasing activities. It has a long tube to reach those nooks and corners where regular grease guns cannot reach. Given the ergonomic design consisting of a long tube and LED indicator, using this grease gun is a breeze.

The points given above bring out the specifications of this tool in depth. It’ll give you a better grasp of the product and help you decide if you need it in your home garage or the construction site. Get the Milwaukee M18 grease gun 2646-21CT now to make your work easy!