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Can You Pressure Wash With Just Water?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

This is an excellent question ( no shame in it at all, I would add ) and I have asked it. Now, let me talk about some things, and you can hopefully glean some insight. Ready for a good blog? Please, please, please … read on and share with a friend ….

Now, then, the first thing that was burning in my heart to share with you today, and the very first thing that I would like to talk about, is that you technically CAN pressure – wash your surfaces or products with just water. But how effective will doing that be? Let’s take a close look ….

First of all, on this very note, I would like to just stress the very fact that there is NOTHING as awesome ( at least for me, and one or some of you might disagree, but we can still be pals, he he he heheh heh ) as a firm POWER ( not pressure ) wash … in which the machine will use hot water, along with soap / detergent, to remove all gunk ( even some of the stickiest kinds ) . A pressure – washer is less powerful since it doesn’t have scolding hot water, but just uses regular – temperature water.

However, pressure – washers can still use soap and cleaning solutions. And since they can, why would you ever decide not to? Just to save a few bucks? I would argue that it is not worth it, my friend. If you want to deep – clean more intensely, and are looking to remove elements such as, for example, oil stains or grease stains, then washing with just water will NOT do the job. Keep that in mind, please. Do yourself that favor and get the soap or detergent.

Another point that I would like to add is this — if you are just looking at basic dirt that has not clung on to the target surface or product for very long, then you are generally ok to just pressure – wash with water. The intense force of the pressure – washer, even in its basic low – setting, should be enough to wash it off. No biggie there. Keep in mind, however, that when pressure – washing your actual home’s exterior ( like the outside of the walls, etc ) , you might want to use the soap, and here is why I say that ….

Sometimes the stream of the water coming out of the washer can be quite strong and forceful, even if it’s in the lowest setting. What the soap does is blend in with that and offer a more gentle touch. It also offers an appropriate texture and pressure to that exterior. The soap not only helps soften the blow, as some would argue, but it also helps to remove germs ( and even invisible dirty particles ) as it touches the sensitive exterior elements of the home.