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How Do You Stop A Circular Saw From Binding?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

How Do You Stop A Circular Saw From Binding?

Now that’s the real question to ask, this time, is it not, my friends? I mean, I have talked about practically everything else on this subject. But yet I have not quite fully talked about this, and this is a legit question that it seems many people really do want to know. So let’s get to it ….

First of all, when it comes right down to this issue, let’s have a look at a bit of background knowledge first, some of which you might not even have known, like the plain fact that these portable hand – held saws are some of the easiest to use around ( yet still have issues of their own, from time to time, like binding and even more ) . Now, then, on that note, I would like you all to simply keep in mind the pure fact that binds will usually result in kickbacks ( which is another problem of its own that you do not want to have, either, he he he he he heh ) . So it’s vital to start by understanding the causes of binding, starting with the fact that it all starts right here …. the saw itself fails to ensure a proper blade depth. And what I do mean by that is this, my friend —- if you set the blade in too deep, then you are not doing the saw ( or yourself, he he he he heh ) any favors, as a result, since what you are allowing to happen is more blade surface area to get exposed ( than what is ideal ) as you cut.

On that note, a properly set blade is best, in any case … as is a saw that’s not too deep, all in all ( which inevitably causes such binding, and thus, kickbacks too ) . When you improperly bow your circular – saw guide, it can also cause this binding. Heck, even when you choose to cut between the supports, it’s also a bad idea ( that also leads to binding ) . Even when your blade holds the wrong amount of teeth ( too many, etc ) , or when you use the wrong blade type ( or heck, even one that’s warped, misplaced, dull, broken, etc ) , you can get binding as well.

So when preventing such binding, you want to keep all these things in mind. And of course, as briefly noted, you do want to make sure that you set the blade correctly.

I hope this has been helpful, my friends. Please share this page with anyone else who might be in need of some tips on why their circular – saw might be binding, and of course, let us know what you think, too. Hopefully, after reading this, binding will truly be a problem of the past for you. Thanks again, friends!