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Is Sae 30 Non Detergent?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

So the first thing that I would like to make clear here, my friend, and so as to clear up the confusion on the topic … is the fact that this oil is, in fact, a non – detergent kind. And you will find that it mostly gets used in small kinds of engines, all in all. Now let me spend some more time talking to you on this great non – detergent oil ….

So first of all, then, I would like to also make it plain and clear ( as daylight, he he he he heh ) that the benefit of using this kind of oil is that, unlike with detergent oils, it actually holds no special additives that can hurt your motor or engine …. so that’s always a plus. Start with that. Here is how it works —- these additives I just mentioned are actually quite notorious for holding in ( or in other words, trapping, he he he heh ) , suspending and even dissolving all sludge in your engine oil …. even until it changes into something else that it was never meant to be. All that sludge, suspended grime and such can indeed do this to your oil. And then you have oil that is not fresh, safe or useful at all, at the end of the day. No one wants that, now, do they?

That’s why you want to go with an oil that is like the SAE 30. You want something non – detergent and with no additives. Still with me?

Now, then, my next point is this —- this brand of oil is actually not marina engine oil as some might be prone to think ( and I easily know why, he he heh ) . That kind of oil ( some of it even known for being non – detergent oil and terrific at its job, no less ) is a different kind of oil altogether, one that you most plainly can NOT inter – change with this kind of oil. It’s not compatible, in other words. This is even though 4 – stroke marine engines have the same job and specs, usually, as many kinds of auto engines and even air – compressor parts.

Anyways, as for the non – detergent SAE 30 oil itself …. please also know that it is sold in both synthetic and non – synthetic types as well, as many have mentioned. The SAE brand itself goes above and beyond in being able to deliver on all kinds of different oils, synthetic and mineral alike ….

Now keep in mind —- SAE 30 …. it’s an oil grade. SYNTHETIC itself … is an oil type. See the difference? You get it, right? I know you do … you’re smart and savvy, like me ….

How do I know? Well, you’re reading this page …. he he heh ….

Now, then, please be sure to share!