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Spark Plug Sockets - Everything You Need to Know

Spark Plug Sockets - Everything You Need to Know

A spark plug is an inseparable part of an engine. And since it is fragile, you obviously need a specialized tool for it.

While traditional sockets can pull off the job, spark plug sockets are pretty popular nowadays because of their extensive mechanism of holding a spark plug.

However, the types and techniques are something that might confuse you! It is normal to be confused while choosing one. Failing to select the perfect fit might bring complications. And that’s probably the last thing in the world you have ever wanted!

Therefore, in this article, I will break down the details about spark plugs, their types, different sizes, and more.

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What are spark plug sockets?

The most important thing about spark plugs is that they are incredibly delicate. Due to the sensitive machinery, spark plugs generally require a unique tool or device to support them. And guess what? This additional support is called spark plug sockets.

These actually help you to remove or install spark plugs easily. Besides, they also protect the spark plugs from being damaged. Spark plug sockets are made to grip the spark plug firmly when installed or removed while cradling it.

These are a little different from the traditional sockets. Unlike the spark plug sockets, the traditional ones generally fail to hold the spark plug. Hence, it inevitably falls after installation.

Nowadays, the market has introduced vehicles having the spark plug deep inside the engine. And in that case, the traditional sockets might damage the spark plug. Therefore, the only option is a spark plug socket.

What are the different types of spark plug sockets?

You can find two primary types of spark plug sockets. The working method is just the same for both of the spark plug sockets. Hence, it depends upon your personal choice. Do not think that one has some additional advantage and the other is not worth it.

So, the first one that you might find is a magnetic one. This specific type utilizes a magnet to hold the spark plug in an inappropriate position.

And the other one uses a similar mechanism. But the thing that holds the spark plug inside is a rubber boot. So choosing a perfect size and diameter plays the most crucial role here.

Different sizes:

Spark plugs come in different sizes. Therefore, the sockets also come in different sizes. However, there are some standard sizes that people find helpful.

Whatever the spark plug’s size, all are appropriate for two of the most popular sizes. One is the most convenient 5/8” socket. And another one is 13/16” sockets.

Some other sizes are also available for spark plugs. For example, the 3/4” sockets are another popular type. There are two different categories picked by people across the world: the 14 mm and the 18 mm sockets.

One thing to remember here - different spark plug sockets are appropriate for different spark plugs. If the inside grip is not firm enough, the engine might not function properly.

Spark plug socket sets:

You will need a maximum of one or two sockets for managing the basic level stuff. Most people find one or two sockets to be enough. However, some people might need a set of sockets in case they have a number of vehicles.

Now, these minor tasks can be done by yourself as well. So, in case you have different cars, it is better to have a set at your disposal.

There are several socket sets ranging from a set of four to a set of thirteen. The common ones include 3/4”, 18mm, 5/8”, 13/16”, and so on. more can be included. But these four are enough to cover more or less all purposes.

Extensions and all-in-one tool:

We have been talking about spark plug sockets for so long. But in some cases, a spark plug socket alone cannot help you. Therefore, you need to understand whether you need an extension or not.

Some engines have spark plugs deep inside. And to reach there, you might need an extension and swivel.

Remember, different engines have spark plugs located in various depths. Depending upon that, you might have to determine the length of the extension.

However, today’s market has introduced to us some sockets that come with an extension and a universal joint or swivel. That means you are free from extra headaches. These all-in-one tools are readily available online. So you’re welcome!


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So, this is a basic set of information about spark plug sockets that you might need while functioning with one or purchasing one.

Some people use traditional sockets for installation and removal. However, I will not recommend that. Since the spark plug is extremely sensitive, it is better to grab a special socket for it.

We hope this helped you. Good luck!