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Why Is My Air Compressor Not Building Air Pressure?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Why Is My Air Compressor Not Building Air Pressure?

Good question ( I’m sure it’s happened to you, too, and I’m not the only one, he he he he heh ) …. and you can even see visually that such is the case … usually ( like 8 times out of 10, unless there is also some other impeding problem involved, at the same time, in which you may have some bigger issue going on ) . Yup, when this happens, it’s clear to see and clear to note. Now, let’s talk on a few issues surrounding this so that I can point you off in the right direction and leave you with your thoughts. Shall we get started, then?

Well, then, first of all is the fact that one of the biggest trouble – shooting diagnostics that people like to run, when this is the problem, is simply the famous pump – up test ( yes, that’s what most people like to call it, but you might have heard it called by some other term or name, he heh e he he he heh …. keeps your ears open, he he heh heh ) . Now, what this test simply implies, in a nut – shell, is that you need to find out how long your compressed air system will basically take in order to build that right amount of internalized pressure. And this test can not only tell you that, but it can also let you know ( based on your air – compressor size, model and other factors ) if it is doing it correctly, according to that proper standard it recommends. Now on that note, please do keep in mind that you can basically do this test yourself without the help of any expert ( if you know what you’re doing and are brave enough to give it a shot and follow the following instructions precisely, not skipping over anything I am about to recommend ) ….

Start the test by simply just emptying your air – tank entirely. Once you’ve done that, go ahead and proceed to then fully closing your service valve at its point of discharge, and then take a mental note of exactly ( or approximately, he he he he he heh ) how long it takes your air – compressor to get to that ideal psi from its 0 starting point. Naturally, different air – compressor machines get to different max psi ( and desired psi ranges, all in all ) , so if you want to be precisely sure on your model’s, be sure to read the user guide, which will tell you its perfect psi. Or you can also google the specific model you own and find that info online.

Another reason you are not building air – pressure might be due to the filters themselves … have you cleaned them? Did you know you should? They do get filthy. And this is another problem ….