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Top 10 Best Hammer Drills

Whether driving screws, boring holes, or drilling into hard materials (like metal, concrete, etc.), the best hammer drill makes life easier. It’s versatile, powerful, and tough enough to add to your toolbox. 

In addition, numerous models suit both DIYers and professionals. 

But which hammer drill is the best? What type of hammer drill should you purchase? 

Continue reading as I introduce and share my reviews about the top 10 best hammer drills below. All these models are perfect for both residential settings and commercial purposes. 

What Features To Look For When Buying A Hammer Drill? 

Look for the following features when buying a hammer drill. 

Cordless Vs. Corded

Hammer drills, like other drills, can be corded and cordless. Corded drills are more powerful and mostly powered by the regular 120V power source, ensuring consistent power on long days on a busy job site.

Conversely, cordless models are less powerful but compact and lightweight enough to maneuver around the job site, like your home. 

Variable Speed

A variable speed knob or dial on hammer drills allow easy drill adjustment depending on the nature of the project for enhanced accuracy and penetration. 

Generally, hammer drills have 2-6 variable speed settings. 

Working Modes

While a basic hammer drill can only work in the “hammer” mode, certain drills on a higher price side have 1-2 other working modes, usually drill and drive

While switching to the drill mode turns your hammer drill into a drill for boring holes, the drive mode lets you drive or remove screws without a screwdriver. 


LEDs in the front are recommended for seamless working under dim or dark working conditions. 

Additional Features

Some additional features you can consider are brushless motors, screw depth gauge, auxiliary handle, etc. 

10 Best Hammer Drills - Reviewed Thoroughly

After thorough testing in demanding conditions, consulting with experts, and reading genuine customer reviews, below are my thoughts about each hammer drill. 

DEWALT ATOMIC 20V MAX* Hammer Drill   



The first product on the list is this 20V MAX cordless DeWALT ATOMIC hammer drill. A top-selling product, it’s easy for beginners to feel comfortable working with and powerful enough to get every job done. 

The hammer drill houses a high-capacity and high-performance brushless motor that generates a decent 340 UWO power. In terms of speed, it’s roughly 1650 RPM which is also the best in class. Hence, you can drill through rock-solid concrete or the rock itself! 

Being cordless, the product is powered by a 20V MAX Li-ion battery that’s long-lasting and quick to charge.

Coming to the hammer drill’s design, it’s nicely built with a solid rubber-coated handle for a firm grip. This also ensures no hand fatigue or pain even after prolonged drilling sessions. DeWALT has also installed bright LED lights in the front to brighten your workspace at night.  



DEWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill 



Another must-buy hammer drill from DeWALT is this XR Hammer Drill with 82% more power and 2.8x more run time. 

The motor here is brushless with a torque capacity of 820 Units Watts Out (UWO), a steal deal under $170! Additionally, this torque doesn’t drop, no matter how rigid the object is. 

While most hammer drills have just 2 variable speeds, you get 3 here. You can adjust the RPM from 38 to 2,250, with 250 being the mid-range. While 38 & 250 RPM is suitable for boring holes and driving screws, you can quickly drill holes with the 2,250 RPM speed. 

The chuck size is ½”, and DeWALT has constructed it from heavy-duty nitro-carburized metal with a carbide coating. Hence, no bit drops or chuck damage to fret about! 

Do you often work during the night? Do you need help finding a sturdy light source around the workspace? Leave all your worries behind as the hammer drill is fitted with 3-mode LED lights that are 20x brighter than your regular LED. 



Hammerhead 7.5-Amp 1/2 Inch Variable Speed Hammer Drill 



While the above two hammer drills from DeWALT are worth every penny, still, DIYers and homemakers might want the same features at a reasonable price. And that’s the Hammerhead 7.5A ½” Variable Speed Hammer Drill for you. 

Despite being priced under $30, the hammer drill is most likely to impress you with its powerful 7.5A motor, ½” keyless chuck, and variable speed. However, this particular model is corded, not cordless. 

Since it is corded, you don’t need to bother about any battery or its frequent charging. The rotational speed is also at its peak, i.e., 3000 RPM. With a built-in variable speed trigger, you can change this speed as the materials and conditions change. 

At the top, you get a blue “2-in-1 multi-function” switch. For example, it lets you switch between regular drilling and a rotary hammer, which is handy for rigid materials.



Berserker 1-1/8” SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill 



Are you looking for the best rotary hammer drill for downward or overhead drilling? If so, check the Berserker SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill. 

This corded hammer drill from Berserker is a favorite among homemakers and experienced artisans due to its 1,050W 9A motor that generates 1,050 RPM and 4,200 BPM. With such speed, I could easily drill through hard materials like bricks, steel, concrete blocks, rocks, etc. 

Another key highlight of the hammer drill is its 3 modes - Rotation Only, Hammering with Rotation, and Hammering Only. In addition, you can switch to any mode using the “dual switches” that extend the drill’s life. 

If you’re wondering what “SDS-Plus” is in the drill’s name, it’s the patented bit system that serves 4 main functions. These include tool-free bit changing, dust protection, automatic bit locking, and maximum impact energy transfer. 

On the security front, I like the overload clutch protection feature. For any reason, if the drill bit snags while drilling, it safeguards your wrists and also the machine. 



ENGiNDOT 12.5Amp Rotary Hammer Drill 



I’ve been using this ENGiNDOT Rotary Hammer Drill for almost a year now and highly recommend it for heavy-duty projects. DIYers and homemakers can skip this product!

Powered by a 12.5A motor that generates 7J of impact energy, the hammer drill works smoothly at 900 RPMs on all common masonry materials, such as concrete, brick, metal, stone, etc. 

Tip: If you are merely boring holes or driving screws, you can switch to lower RPMs using the 6-level variable speed dial. 

Near the main handle, on the side, you get a small orange knob. Rotating it lets you switch between the 4 modes - normal drilling, hammer drilling, chiseling, and chisel position adjustment. 

Hence, this hammer drill can be employed for “chipping” as well! 

Lastly, the ENGiNDOT Rotary Hammer Drill uses the “Vibration Damping Technology” (VDT). This tech uses vibration dampeners to absorb as many vibrations as possible during high-intensity drilling. 



ENEACRO 1-1/4 Inch SDS-Plus 13 Amp Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill 



ENEARCO 1-¼” SDS-Plus 13A Heavy Duty Rotary Hammer Drill is another versatile, easy-to-use, maneuverable, and ergonomically designed drill. 

It houses a 13A industrial motor constructed from 200°C heat-resistant copper wires. Hence, you can continue your heavy-duty concrete and metal-based projects without worrying about the motor heating up. 

Since this is a corded hammer drill, it has an operational voltage rating of 120V, which means you can plug it into your regular home power source. This also results in maximum torque production in all works.  

Vibrations and hammer drills go hand-in-hand. But to ensure it’s the case here, ENEARCO has used an upgraded double-layer Anti-Vibration System (AVS) to reduce vibrations to a good extent. 

Design-wise, I appreciate the aluminum alloy housing design with PU soft grip that prevents accidental drill slippage and hand fatigue. And even if the drill falls from your hand, it won’t endure any scratches or dents! 



BLACK+DECKER Hammer Drill 



Here’s the 2-in-1 hammer drill from BLACK+DECKER. The main reason I included the drill here is its dual functionality. With a single switch, you can select the regular drill or hammer drill function. 

This feature is helpful if you work with all types of materials, like plastic, metal, wood, concrete, etc. 

Talking about the motor, it’s a 6.5A motor that delivers 48,000 BPM for quick drilling. Apart from the main handle, there’s also an auxiliary 3-position handle for grip adjustments per the application. 

Priced under $40, you don’t get any carry bag, complimentary bits, or LED light system. Thus, professionals can skip this product and check out the next one.



Milwaukee 2804-20 M18 FUEL 1/2 in. Hammer Drill 



With a peak torque of 1,200 in-lbs, here’s the M18 Fuel ½” hammer drill from Milwaukee. It’s another mid-range drill that delivers up to 60% more power. However, it may vary depending on the material you’re using. 

One of the cordless hammer drills from Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel series, it’s equipped with the “Redlink Plus Intelligence” technology. It enables advanced communication between the tool and its battery, resulting in unmatched levels of performance, productivity, and protection. 

The XC5.0 battery’s capacity isn’t exceptional, but it’s still good to go. With a fast charger, you can quickly power up the hammer drill and get back to drilling. 

On the design front, I must say this Milwaukee M18 Hammer Drill is the simplest model I’ve seen. The humanized handle is neither too thick nor too thin. Hence, the grip is pretty firm. The tough rubber coating also comes in handy.  



BOSCH GSB18V-490B12 18V EC Brushless 1/2 In. Hammer Drill/Driver Kit 



Another cordless hammer drill you can add to your toolbox for less than a hundred dollars is this BOSCH Brushless ½ inches Hammer Drill. 

One of its key highlights is its EC (electronically commutated) brushless motor. Unlike regular brushless motors, this motor provides better working efficiency while maximizing battery runtime. If you work for extended hours and hate charging the battery every now and then, this is for you! 

Another safety feature is electronic motor protection. It senses rising motor temperature and prevents its overheating. Thus, motor life is extended by 2x here. 

Assisting you in the dark or dim working conditions are the LEDs in the front that activate upon triggering. With the help of a belt clip at the bottom, you can hang the drill from your belt instead of keeping it here or there around the workspace. 



PORTER-CABLE 20V MAX* Hammer Drill 



PORTER-CABLE is a renowned power and pneumatic tools brand with a wide range of products for every buyer and project. One such product is this 20V MAX Hammer Drill. 

A long-lasting battery backs its high-capacity motor to deliver 27,200 BPMs for effortless drilling through wood, concrete, metal, and plastic. Not just high BPMs, the high rotational speed ensures optimal drilling depth and size. 

Based on the applications, you can adjust the speed - 0-400 for high torque applications and 0-1600 for high-speed applications. 

The chuck measures ½” and is an all-metal ratcheting type to minimize bit slipping while working. Towards the bottom is the belt clip, magnet to hold the drill bits, and battery slot. 



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Brand Of Hammer Drill Is Best?

Ans: DeWALT is a leading hammer drill brand in the market. 

What Is A Good Hammer Drill For Home Use?

Ans: DeWALT 20V MAX XR Hammer Drill with 82% more power and 2.8x more run time is a good hammer drill for home use. 

Are SDS Drills Better Than Hammer Drills?

Ans: Yes, SDS drills are better than hammer drills because of their higher power. As a result, SDS drills go well with heavy-duty applications. For example, Berserker 1-1/8” SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer Drill.


Is DeWALT Better Than Makita?

Ans: If you’re talking about torque, yes, DeWALT is better than Makita. Conversely, Makita edges past DeWALT in impact rate and RPMs. 


Here you go. That’s everything you should know about the best hammer drills, their uses, and more. 

Hammer drills are an excellent tool for all those who find the regular drill less powerful or non-versatile. The former, due to its tough build and more power, easily drills through tough materials like rock and concrete, where a normal drill may give up. 

If you’re planning to buy a hammer drill and are unsure which model and brand to trust, the above 10 models and brands are my answer.