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Can A Mitre Saw Cut Tile?

Author: E. Silva (aka Mr. Awesome - The Niche Specialty Expert)

Can A Mitre Saw Cut Tile?

Yes, you can surely cut tile with a miter – saw, and in this page, I am going to share some nuggets of insight on just that. So please stick around. Keep your eyes glued here. And read, read, read ….

Now then, first of all, I want to make mention of the simple fact that you will need a type of miter – saw that can engage tile. A wet – tile saw, on that note, is ideal for these situations, and in case you do not happen to have one handy in your garage, then rest assured that Lowe’s has got you covered, in most cases. Heck, even Home Depot and Ace Hardware ( not to mention Amazon + eBay are also good choices to buy from ) . If your miter – saw holds a diamond on it, or even a carbide blade replacement attachment on it, then know that you’re all set to rock and roll here … as these are exactly the types of miter – saws that can best cut tile, at the end of the day.

Now, then, on that note, please do keep in mind the fact that you’ll want to locate the saw’s segmented rim blade ( or heck, the turbo blade ) , which is made to release heat … a very vital part of the process. This part of the saw usually has gaps on it and is perfect at doing its job, in turn.

Now, then, there are some different ways to cut tile with this type of miter – saw, the first being straight cuts, of course. Here, you are going to need to just simply pencil out and measure the tile’s area that you plan to cut. Put the tile on the saw tray while holding it down in place, nice and firmly. Then after that, make sure that you squeeze the saw’s trigger ( can be different on some models ) , and pull that blade down into the tile … go nice and slowly, gently too. Take your time and don’t rush the cut. Tile happens to be easily crackable or breakable in some more sensitive spots, so it’s important you feel it out and do not try and cut too hard or too fast … as you might end up accidentally cracking or crumbling the tile piece or even getting an uneven cut.

Now for angle cuts, the other type of basic cuts that people like to make here with this type of saw, you are going to need to start by slanting the blade itself ( usually by loosening your saw model’s adjustment lever ) and then engaging the gauge to set the right angle blade percentage. If you want to properly angle – cut the tile’s face, then you will need to just slant your blade to the right or left. If you want edge miters, then go up and down instead.